Are things actually looking up?

I’ve lowered my Zofran dose to 1 pill/day. I’m running out of my prescription, so I lowered the dose to ensure I could make it a few more days. I did call my OB’s office for a refill, but we all know how reliable his receptionist can be without persistent nagging… :/

Anyway, I HAVEN’T PUKED SINCE SUNDAY! I’ve dry heaved a few times in the morning. I’ve also had some on and off nausea throughout the day. But, this new-found non-puking stage is awesome! Maybe I just needed my rant on Monday to let it all out and transition into the feeling better version of me?  I’m honestly hoping last week was the worst of the worst and that things are looking up from here. After 7+ weeks of nausea and puking, I’m ready for it to be over!

Also, I found a barely used Halo Bassinet on kijiji for HALF PRICE! I thought this bassinet seemed silly and overpriced until I seen my nephew in it. It adjusts to the height of your bed, swivels for easy access to bed, has see-through mesh to see the baby, etc. The model we got has all the electronic features (which I don’t know how often I will use) and retails brand new in Canada for approximately $300. She also included the fitted mattress sheet which is sold separately. We did splurge a bit more than I had anticipated to get this bassinet, but I just couldn’t pass up the deal!


I’ve been nervous about early sleeping arrangements as our fur-rascals all sleep with us. The last thing I need is battling 2 chihuahuas and a Ragdoll to get out of the bed when I have a newborn. I’ve just decided it may be easier to let them sleep with us. I wanted something to secure baby, but also keep him within arms reach. We don’t have a lot of width to our bedroom. Moving a pack ‘n play or crib into our room would not work. We tried the bassinet out and it fits perfectly on my side of the bed.

So there you have it:

  1. I’m feeling better
  2. Baby has somewhere to sleep

I call that success!

20 thoughts on “Are things actually looking up?

  1. We were thinking of that bassinet too because we wanna co-sleep but not have the baby in our bed. How many months can they sleep in the bassinet until (I guess until they start getting squirmy)?


  2. Fabulous! Always great when you can find a good deal on something you really want. So happy that you’re feeling better as well!! Hope they get your refill taken care of though, just in case! 😉


  3. Yay to no puking! I hope it stays that way.
    And so good you found a baby bed you like. We co-sleep with two cats and baby. She also sleeps in her crib next to our bed also about half the time right now. You do what works for you.


  4. So our 3 dogs (beagle and bigger) sleep in our room with us and I was nervous about thus aspect too. We went with an ingenuity bedside rock’n’ play sleeper with electronics. They have been great. They sometimes sleep right under it and they stay out of my way when I roll over to pick him up out of it. Also, I love the electronic pieces because they help baby sleep.

    This bassinet looks great.


  5. I’m so glad you’ve been feeling better! Yay!

    For what it’s worth, a nurse at one of our classes told us that it’s okay if the cats sleep with us as long as we “watch them.” Ha. I have no idea how you’re supposed to sleep and watch cats at the same time. At any rate, she said to practice with the bassinet before the baby is born. Maybe that will work for your gang too? ❤


  6. Good job! I love a good deal no matter what but baby items are very satisfying! We looked into this bassinet too but ultimately it wouldn’t work for our little ones. I do think it’s really neat though, hope it’s great for you guys! I am SO glad your starting to feel better I really really want you to have an enjoyable pregnancy! XO


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