The (em)babies are coming home!

Transfer day has come and almost gone.

I woke up this morning, did my fertility yoga and got ready for the day. Since you aren’t supposed to wear scents into an embryo transfer, I opted for my natural wavy hair (translation: pure ball of frizz). My hair straightener is no match for the refreshing sea air mixed with precipitation.


My husband and I ready to leave for the clinic

Since it’s so cloudy on the coast, my husband joked that my rainbow socks would be the only bit of sunshine we see before we head home.

We arrived early for our appointment to pay our FET fees and stock up on much needed supplies: needles and syringes for my PIO injections. I chugged the mandatory 2 bottles of water and waited for my turn.

When he entered the room, my RE had a good laugh at my rainbow socks.


My beautiful rainbow socks from MLACS

Then, he proceeded to sing Kermit the Frog’s Rainbow Connection as he prepared for transfer. I wasn’t familiar with this song, but now it totally resonates with me. “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection”… We made our wish. We are ready for our rainbow baby – or maybe two!

Our beautiful Day 6 embryos thawed at the same grade 17 that they were frozen at. One of the pair was already hatching.


Our embryos on the screen. Two beautiful diamonds this time.


Double thumbs up!


I’m so excited!!!

The transfer went smoothly. My bladder seemed fuller this time as I patiently waited out my 10 minutes before I could pee and move to the recovery room.

In the recovery room, my RE gave me acupuncture and I fell asleep. My husband said I was snoring (which is not a surprise – haha). I rested for just over an hour before we left the clinic.

It’s been grey and cloudy since we arrived, but the sun was shining brightly when we left the clinic. Perhaps another good sign??? We grabbed lunch on the way back to the hotel and then snuggled into bed to watch a movie.

I’m a little crampy and bloated, but otherwise feeling great. My honest opinion is that FETs are SO MUCH EASIER than fresh cycles. I’ve barely had any side effects from my current drug cocktail. I hope that this means pregnancy symptoms will be easier to notice.

Beta is scheduled for February 9th. Yes, I will POAS before then. I set a goal of holding out til February 7th, but we will see how things go. My goal remains the same: one day at a time.

Snuggle in there babies. We are bringing you home tomorrow.
❤ XO ❤  


We loved you before we ever knew you

A positive send off

There’s 2 days til our embryo transfer. We fly out to our clinic in just a few hours.

I was packing my suitcase this morning. I’m always a last minute packer. My beautiful rainbow (baby!) socks from MLACs are on top of my clothes. Can’t wait to put them on for transfer! XOXOXO


I just took my Doxycyline and it’s not sitting well in my tummy. Me + antibiotics = love/hate relationship. I often get an upset stomach from them. I only have 3 doses left before I’m done. This is the first dose that has made me sick, so I shouldn’t complain.

I decided to make a cup of peppermint tea and sit down to do a card reading. I chose my Guardian Angel Tarot cards.


This is the spread I unveiled:

1. Nine of Emotion: This is a magical time in your life when wishes are granted and dreams come true. It may seem that good luck is following you, but actually these happy times are your reward for being a loving and wonderful person. Your angels are asking you to enjoy your life and have more fun!

2. Five of Action: Your angels want you to know that your current challenges pushes you to be assertive and self-confident. Be willing to stand up for yourself and defend your position! You have the right to excuse yourself from those who bring drama into your life. (Boy, isn’t this true!)

3. Three of Emotion: Wonderful news is on its way! Announcements regarding engagements, pregnancies, births or graduations will be revealed. New friends will be made, or communities of like-minded people will draw closer to one another. Exciting new beginnings or happy endings are just around the corner.


If that isn’t a good sign, I don’t know what is!!! ❤ 🙂

Officially waiting for Beta

Today, we transferred one beautiful high-grade already hatching (!!!!) embryo. Here she is:


Our nurse said she was like a diamond on the screen. ❤


Our beautiful em-baby!

When Dr. H walked into the room he asked if I could hear the cracking? My response was obviously ummm what?

They had a bit of trouble finding my uterus as my ovaries are still a bit swollen and have sort of pushed my uterus around. Once the nurse got the ultrasound positioned correctly, the rest of the process went smoothly. After doing 3 IUIs, I can tell you this man knows how to work a catheter! I felt almost nothing.


Relaxing post transfer – ultrasound shows are beautiful embryo has arrived home.

I got a bit emotional after everyone left the room. It was such an amazing experience to see our beautiful embryo on the screen.

After I peed, we moved to the recovery room for acupuncture and a 1/2 hour lay down. They decided to put me on 15 units of HCG until my Beta. Does anyone know how this affects home pregnancy tests? I know you would want the second line to be extremely dark to ensure it’s not just a false negative. I figure I probably should just wait for the blood test now.

My Beta is scheduled for 12dp5dt – September 17.

We decided to spend another day here tomorrow and fly home on Sunday. Can’t wait to see my fur babies!

Officially pregnant until proven otherwise (PUPO). Wow. This is a great feeling.

Tomorrow is embryo transfer day!

Well, I am feeling MUCH better today. My nurse said I could stop my Doxycyline early and that would probably curb my nausea. I didn’t tell her that I had already tested this theory out. I took all of my morning pills with breakfast and waited to take my Doxycyline with lunch. It made a HUGE difference. Anyway, doesn’t matter now. Bye, bye Doxycycline. She also mentioned that the Dostinex can cause nausea, but I’m stuck with two more doses of that.

My husband and I had a relaxing day enjoying the ocean scenery. We took a nice drive along the coast and spent some time at our fav dog park (Yes I’m a crazy dog lady who goes to the dog park on vacation because 1) it’s a beautiful view 2) I love playing with the dogs). We also stopped by a lake and spent some time on the beach.





Tomorrow, we find out how many of our embryos made it to day 5. I’m super excited to watch them put my embryo into my womb. I feel like this is the best chance I’ve had yet at becoming pregnant.

We haven’t had a talk with our RE yet about how many to transfer. If all our embryos are high quality, we are now leaning towards only transferring one. Does anyone have any advice on this?

I’m off to have a shower and shave my legs since they’ve been neglected for the past 5 days. I told my husband I want to look and feel good tomorrow. This is the first day we will be meeting our baby – even if it’s in the tiniest embryo form. 🙂

Relief, oh sweet relief – Fertilization Report – Day 2-3

Well, yesterday was NOT a good day for me. I woke up nauseous and ended up puking in the afternoon. My nurse suggested I take Gravol to help with the nausea. She think it was from all the meds and the whole process just catching up to me. My ovaries were also so sore and I was extremely constipated. I tried a Senokat-S before bed and it did nothing to relieve my backed-up rear end. 

We went into the clinic today for a check up. My ovaries are still swollen but there’s no fluid in my abdomen. Dr. H told me to buy some glycerine suppositories to relieve my constipation. Let me tell you – those suppositories work miracles! I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. The constipation must have been putting extra pressure on my ovaries, because they aren’t as sore either since I finally had a bowel movement. 

He also wants me to continue sticking to the OHSS diet, but I am allowed a little bit of Gingerale if my stomach is bothering me. I’ve started eating a few more fruits and vegetables too. I can’t handle feeling like crap from high protein/high salt foods. It’s kinda ironic that I spent months eating healthy only to be told to eat crap to prevent getting really sick. Why do so many aspects of (in)fertility have to be so contradictory?  

We are on track for a Friday transfer. Right now, we currently have 12 embryos. Our clinic grades them on a 20 point scale with 19-20 being rare. We have 9-18s and 3-17s. We expect a few to drop off before Friday but it’s nice to know we have some high quality embryos to chose from. 

I’m looking forward to the transfer and to getting home. When you are sick, there’s nothing that compares to your own bed. I also really miss my fur babies. 

I did get a nice surprise in the mail today. My best friend mailed a package to our rental apartment that contained a beautiful rose quartz sphere, some foot soaks and CHIHUAHUA socks!!! Seriously, I never know where she finds these amazing items.

Note to MLACS: I will wear your socks to my first ultrasound. After going through all this, I am telling you there will be ultrasounds. 🙂 

One thing that I’ve learned throughout this process is that I have the utmost respect for any woman who has been down this IVF path – especially more than once. IVF is hard physically, emotionally and spiritually. People don’t realize that you are having legit surgery and putting tons of foreign drugs into your body with the hope of creating an embryo, getting pregnant and then maintaining that pregnancy. For us, it doesn’t end with a positive pee stick. 

I feel fortunate that this cycle has not been much of an emotional roller coaster for me, but I have been feeling it since retrieval. In the clinic this morning, I started crying while reading one of those “This is how we made you via IVF” books for children. I just truly hope that our (in)feritility journey is close to an end. I can’t wait to one day read that book to my children because I’m damn proud of everything I’ve gone through to get them here. And I know my husband and I will appreciate them even more because of it.