The pukefest continues…

Remember how I said I was feeling better? That didn’t last long.

Thursday, I had a bad day. Didn’t puke a lot but felt nauseous all day. I ran out of my Zofran prescription on Friday and lasted all day Saturday before major puking episodes started again. Saturday, I only puked once. Yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t keep anything down after lunch. Today, I ended up calling in sick as I puked probably 10X before noon.

I called my favourite receptionist TWICE today. She said that she had left a note on the OB’s desk last week, but that he was really behind on them. She said she would mark it as URGENT and move it to the top of the pile. I called back end of day and she said there was nothing she could do until she spoke to him after the day’s appointments were done. Clearly, this woman has NEVER been prego sick and is STILL working on that office assertiveness that she is lacking. I got a bit short with her today. I told her I would have came in for an appointment last week, but she told me this could be handled over the phone. Then I said, if I don’t get my prescription filled today, I’ll be calling for an appointment tomorrow and most likely a doctor’s note for missing more time off work.  😦

The fantastic news is: since I’ve stopped Zofran, I’ve had regular poops!!!! That being said, I’ll take marbles out of my ass if it means my head isn’t hung over the toilet all day long. 🙂

I have some Diclectin left. I may pop a few tomorrow, but I really didn’t enjoy the zombie fog that comes along with it.

On Saturday, I was feeling optimistic that I could make it without any anti-nausea medicine. After today, I know I need to do what I need to do to get my work done. We are in the planning phases of a big project at work and I can’t take much time off right now (plus I’m most likely travelling again next week).

I get so frustrated when I get sick, but I keep telling myself life must want me to slow down for the sake of this baby. :/ I’m trying here… but a break that lasts longer than 24 hours would be really nice.

34 thoughts on “The pukefest continues…

  1. OH girl-if you were closer I’d just give you my zofran. To hell with the law! I only took one pill of it because the diclegis worked so well for me, so I still have a bunch. I hope they get it straightened out soon. You sound utterly miserable.


  2. Man alive, the admin gal at ur Dr must never have had pregnancy nausea…hope the nausea lifts for you soon!
    Diclectin zonked me out so bad too. It’s nice to take at night tho…get a few hours of solid sleep lol


  3. So sorry they still haven’t gotten your prescription filled!!! Just when you thought things were getting a bit better with her. I hope they get it filled for you tomorrow and you get to feeling better soon.


  4. Man, that receptionist kills me! I’m sorry this continues to persist, and at such a severe level too. Do you think you have HG? Suddenly I feel super lucky that I only puked twice this week! I hope you get some relief soon.


  5. I’m so sorry that you’re not feeling well again and that you’ve been so sick! I think you should complain about how long you’ve had to wait for the medicine. That’s not acceptable. Hugs to you! ❤


  6. Their doing studies on bad morning sickness and finding that it may correlate to a very healthy pregnancy. Just a random tid bit for you. Sorry your sick, you know I feel you. I didn’t throw up as much as you’ve said though. I hope you get the meds asap!


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