FET Monitoring: Part 2

And the news I’ve been waiting for…

My uterine lining is currently 8.4mm and my Estradiol is 814.

I always second guess my body, but turns out it’s right on schedule!

FET is officially scheduled for noon on Tuesday, January 27th.

Starting this Thursday, my routine will be:

Currently taking

  • Estrace – 4 mg 2x daily
  • Asprin  – 1 daily
  • Prenatal Vitamins & supplements


  • Prometrium – 100 mg 2x daily
  • Progesterone in Oil – 1 ml intramuscularly daily meaning ASS SHOT
  • Doxycylcine – 100 mg 2x daily for 5 days

We fly out on Sunday night and return on Wednesday night.

My Beta is February 9th.


Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I’m off to do my fertility yoga. 🙂

Thanks for your support and kind words of encouragement. It’s seems almost surreal that our FET is almost here. ❤

FET: mid-cycle update

CD 9.

I’m 8 days into taking Estrace. I find it fascinating to see how you react to certain drugs. During our IVF cycle, I was typically on more than one drug at a time. It was hard to determine which drug was causing which side effects.

After being off all fertility meds for 3 months, I can’t believe how much estrogen makes me bloat and swell. I know this won’t go away once we get pregnant (positive reinforcement), so I might as well get used to it! I’m also experiencing dry eye, but it’s nothing that hydration and eye drops can’t resolve.

As for the progesterone, I decided to go with the PIO ass shots. They are less mess, less to remember, easier for me – not for my husband! Ha!  I don’t start the shots until sometime next week.

Today, the ultrasound clinic left me a message to remind me of my appointment on Monday and to tell me they didn’t have my requisition. In between meetings, I called them back and waited on hold for 10 minutes. When someone finally answered, I told her I’ve never had to bring a requisition. She gave me the run around and basically didn’t seem willing to make an effort to resolve it for me. So, I contacted my fertility clinic. They followed up with the ultrasound clinic and re-sent the requisition (meaning the ultrasound place lost it). I’m glad we got this sorted BEFORE Monday’s scan. It’s a common theme that we always have to be our own advocates during treatment. I am glad that my clinic is so responsive when I’m being monitored remotely.

I’m currently on a 3-day business trip. It’s been hard to stick to my low-sugar, gluten-free diet while staying in a hotel. I’ve been trying to make the healthiest choices possible to compensate for the few diet breaks I’ve had in between. I have been using digestive enzymes if I have a cheat and they seem to be working well at keeping things moving (if you get what I mean – haha). 

Last night, I had an amazing home-cooked supper with my co-worker, his wife and their one and a half year old son. He was so smiley and cute. I enjoyed catching his gaze across the supper table and hearing him giggle. Tonight, I had a long overdue supper with good friends of mine and their son and daughter. My friend’s daughter – who I haven’t seen in 8 months – ran up to me and gave me a big hug. She’s only three and a half, but she’s brilliant. After supper, we took the kids for a walk by the river. I felt so loved and appreciated both nights. Both nights reminded me of how important it is to surround yourself with supportive and loving friends, and also of how much I want to experience the joy of having my own children.

I hope that Monday’s scan shows everything is on track.

Less than 2 weeks to go… but still taking it one day at a time. 🙂

Medical coverage & (in)fertility: it’s all about the benjamins baby!

Unfortunately for us (in)fertiles, money can often be a deciding factor in how and when we proceed with treatment.

My husband and I both have family medical coverage via our employers through Great-West Life (GWL). Family coverage means that whatever isn’t covered on my plan goes through his for extra potential reimbursement.

As far as I know, it’s NOT common in Canada to have a medical insurance plan that covers IVF. I could be wrong though. Some provinces subsidize treatments depending on your medical history, but our province does not.

We do have decent AMAZING fertility drug coverage though.

So far, my Clomid + HCG + Prometrium (progesterone capsules) has been 90% covered.

Each IUI cycle costs us $350 for the procedure and about $25 for the drugs. Since our clinic is located over 40km away, we can also claim mileage and meals on our income tax. On paper, if we drive back and forth without a hotel stay, an IUI cycle with oral meds costs us about $700. I’m so glad it’s almost summer now and we don’t have to stay overnight! Canadian winters in the Prairies = harsh winter driving conditions. 

Anyway, I thought maybe calling my medical insurance company would help me decide which treatment option is best for us.

Last time I contacted GWL, they told me I had up to 90% reimbursement for fertility medications with no cap – meaning unlimited fertility drug claims.

I didn’t believe them though.

You know how it is when you get that one Customer Service Rep who tells you the WRONG info and completely screws with your plan. For all I knew, that particular Rep may have only been looking at the oral medications.

I decided to call them back if we ever decided to move to injectibles or IVF – just to be sure. 

This afternoon, I made that call. My current clinic posts a Drug Identification Numbers (DIN) list on their website for all injectible meds that they prescribe. The Customer Service Rep told me she didn’t need the list because my drug coverage would cover any fertility drug up to 90% with no maximum claim amount.

I had her double check like 3x before I would believe her. Lucky me. 

The catch is Femara (a.k.a. Letrozole) is considered primarily as a breast cancer treatment drug. Since it’s an off-label fertility drug, my insurance company requires the prescribing doctor to fill out a prior authorization form before you can fill your prescription and qualify for reimbursement.

Of course, they HAVE to make the easiest next step slightly more difficult for us. Ugh. 

Right now, I am VERY GRATEFUL for our coverage. It makes the thought of moving to injectibles less stressful.

So for now, I will hold tight and keep praying for a BFP this month.

If my stars don’t align, I have until CD1 to make up my mind.

Baby dust to you all! XO. 

Entering the home stretch: 6dpiui


My only symptoms are a few progesterone side effects. The strongest being CRAZY dreams. Don’t even ask. I wouldn’t tell you if you did. You would think I am insane! 

I’m not reacting as strongly to the progesterone this round. I have been chilly the past few days though. I went back through my notes and realized that I usually don’t get the hot flashes until the 2nd week of the 2WW. Just trying to keep myself warm – especially my feet (that’s what my acupuncturist always says). 

Other than being tired from my dream-filled nights and slightly bloated, there’s nothing else to report.

I know it’s early still though. 

I went to softball last night. I was a sub to start, so I told my coach to leave me on the bench. I kept score for the game instead. Figured that was “safe”. Even though we all know, there isn’t much need to be paranoid safe. 

Our next game is Wednesday when I’ll be 12dpiui.

I plan on testing that morning.

If it’s BFN, I’m having a beer or 2 that night after the game. We just got sponsored by a pub that is offering us Buy 1, Get 1 Free drink specials after each game. Last night, the bartender gave me 2 iced teas. 

If it’s BFP, I’ll be as excited as if I just hit my first grand slam (which I have yet to do in this lifetime). I will use that excitement to fuel my power, and hopefully hit at least a double. 🙂 Double? Wonder if that could mean twins? 

Either way, I’m doing much better emotionally this month. I’m staying away from Mr. Google and I honestly feel like I will be ok whatever the outcome may be. 

6-8 days until we know… 

Here’s hoping. 




Surgery Day: openness, relaxation and big decisions

CD29. Pending good ol’ Aunt Flo.

My beta was negative on Wednesday as I expected. 

I stopped my Progesterone the night before (I’m bad – I know). Last month, it took about 2 days after I stopped until my period started. It’s Friday, so I hoping (yes I just said that) that she arrives before the end of the day.

Right now, my hubby is in the operating room having his circumcision done. He’s been super grumpy and nervous. And to top it all off: HE’S GOT A MAN COLD! Please someone help me!

The surgeon told him he will enjoy it so much better once it’s done. I hope he’s right.

My husband’s story is an example of why I think families need to be open, honest and comfortable with each other.

If it wasn’t for my Mom and our family’s willingness to share, I never would have discovered the possible the connection between my husband’s condition and our fertility issues. She asked if my husband was circumcised as she remember her brother had gone through a similar situation. My Uncle ended up getting circumcised in his early 30s after his wife and him tried for almost 10 years to conceive their second child. I immediately booked an appointment with our family doctor to get her opinion. Alright, I actually Googled it first. Who wouldn’t? After a referral to a urologist, then a general surgeon, here we are today.

During our consult, the surgeon had asked us if my husband had any history of infections, he said no. When I told my mother-in-law about his pending surgery,  I learned that he most likely developed his Phimosis from reoccurring foreskin infections when he was a child. She remembered him having his last one when he was about 8 years old. My husband didn’t remember any of this.

It was hard learning that this was not something he was born with. His condition should have been dealt with when he was much younger. I felt stupid for not realizing he had a condition earlier on. I felt naive for believing him when he told me it wasn’t an issue.

Right now, my opinion has changed. I’m happy we got the surgery as it will prevent any future issues or infections, but I’m unsure that my husband’s condition is DIRECTLY related to our (in)fertility. As we are “unexplained”, the doctors thought IUI would be a good solution until he had surgery. Since the failed IUIs, I’m beginning to think there has to be another factor influencing why we haven’t conceived.

While my hubby recovers, we’re on a break. I booked a meeting with our RE on March 3rd to discuss next steps. I’m going to request a Hysteroscopy. I need validation that there is nothing hiding in or around my uterus that may be preventing implantation. I’m willing to try one more IUI, but I’d really like to get on the IVF waitlist.

This month is reserved for down time and decision making. I honestly think I’m most excited to NOT be on the crazy meds. 

Side note: GO CANADA GO! We’ve taped the Men’s Olympic Hockey game so my hubs can watch it when we get home. 🙂



A downward spiral of acceptance

CD 23. 10 DPIUI. Technically,  since it’s 1:00 am it’s one day further along. But I haven’t gone to bed yet,  so I’m considering it Saturday still.

Today was a disaster.

My progesterone side effects kicked into high gear. Cue the hot flashes,  frequent emotional outbursts, and very,  very sore ta-tas.

On top of that, my husband has been emotionally detaching because he’s freaked out about his upcoming surgery. I need him connected. I still need his support. It’s hard being strong for both of us.

Our fight started this morning because my husband didn’t want me doing too much today. I was convinced I was going to remove the nasty sticky shelf liner from our kitchen shelves in preparation for painting the cupboards. Home projects keep my mind off fertility.

My hubby felt that with his upcoming surgery,  we shouldn’t move into anything too quickly. He doesn’t realize the prep work required for some projects. I’m content with patching drywall and visioning my diy kitchen makeover –  whether we get to it in two weeks or two months. Ugh why can’t he see my side of this?

And then, because this obviously is the logical thing to do,  we had a convo about finances. Epic fail.

The downward spiral continued until I found myself curled up in my bed crying.  I realized that,  over the past few months, everything I have been looking forward hasn’t happened. I thought my husband would have his surgery last Fall and we would never have to do medicated cycles. I thought we’d take our first hot holiday over Christmas,  but things changed when we attempted our first cancelled IUI cycle in December. I thought our first official IUI in January would be our ticket to becoming parents. Clearly wrong.

When my hubby was telling me to stop my home project planning,  I felt like he was taking another thing away from me.

Back in August,  I had a dream. I woke up and all I could see flashing in my eyes was the date: February 16.  I texted one of my best friends and told her to write it down. I told her to remember it in case anything happens to me that day. Yes,  I’m a big believer in signs and have had dreams come true before. I’m not crazy. Just special. 🙂

Anyway,  that day is tomorrow: 11DPIUI.

This is the longest I’ve gone without testing. I’m an addicted POAS-er. I’ve tried really hard to let go of the outcome this cycle. Deep down,  I’m praying that tomorrow morning I will wake up to a bright pink line that will change my life forever.

I can’t predict the future. I don’t know what my dream meant (yet). But I’ve realized that plans change and all we can do is accept it and move forward.

The uneventful 2ww

CD 17. 5dpiui.

On Friday, I was excited about how well I was handling this 2ww… then I realized it was only 2dpiui. Oh fuck… Another 12 days to go.

This cycle I have less side effects from the HCG trigger and the progesterone, so far.

Except this weekend I was absolutely EXHAUSTED! I am not a nap person,  but this weekend I slept for 2.5-3 hours each afternoon on top of a good 10+ hours of sleep each night.

I just went with the flow and honored what my body was asking of me. I’ve got a 6:20am flight to Winnipeg tomorrow,  so I took advantage of the sleep while I could. Tomorrow is going to be a loooong day

So, that’s my uneventful 2ww so far.  9 days til Beta…