The brighter side of trying to conceive

I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. Because It’s true. Trying to have a baby is not easy for everyone.  I can relate to more of these reasons to laugh at infertility than I ever thought I would.

Here’s a few that I enjoyed reading:

In response to every family member or acquaintance (because my friends sure as hell know what I’m going through) who has said, “Do you and your hubby plan on having kids?” or “When are you going to start trying?” or “It looks good on you!”.  The answers are “YES, YES, and YES I know.”

Pay attention! The answer to the first question is obvious. I’ve always planned on having my own family. I’ve considered myself “Auntie” to all of my friend’s kids for the past 10 years and love nothing more than participating in their lives. “Little Johnny needs his diaper changed? Sure I’ll do it! I could use the practise (for MY future babies! DUH!)”

When it is our time to be blessed with a little one, my husband and I will be amazing parents. Although this fertility journey is trying at times, it has brought us closer together, strengthening our weaknesses and building an even stronger emotional connection. I’m a better person than I was when this journey first started and I wouldn’t go back and change it if I could. I believe that everything happens for a reason. This extra waiting time has been a period of growth so that we can welcome our baby into an even more loving, nurturing, and supportive environment.

To all of those people who ask the questions that every trying to conceive couple dreads, I thank you for caring. We’ve been trying for long enough that I definitely could have birthed one, if not two kids by now.  So maybe next time instead of asking ARE you trying, you should ask HOW is it going? I’d be more than willing to share all the wonderful details with you. 😀

*A big thank you to Naomi over at 99 Reasons to Laugh. You seriously made my day!