Day 14 of the Bloggers Fertility Conference

Today’s post is from Ally at Uncomfortably Optimistic.

Ohhhh that elephant in the room! Sometimes it’s all too apparent when the obvious isn’t being said. Ally shares her awkward experience as an (in)fertile dining with friends with children.

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Day 12 of the Bloggers Fertility Conference

Whoops! I’m a day behind! 

Today’s post is brought to you by Ryanne from Girl Ryanne.

It’s not a surprise that infertility can add lots of stress onto your relationships. Ryanna discusses how to make marriage + infertility work.

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Day 11 of the Bloggers Fertility Conference

This is the last week of Miss Conception Coach’s Fertility Conference. I hope you’ve been enjoying the posts so far.

Today’s post is by Lindsey from Energizer 25.

When going through fertility treatments, everything – the tests, the drugs, the procedures, the failed cycles – can seem like too much to handle. Sometimes you want to throw that towel in and get back to your life before you started trying to conceive. But, deep down, you know that you can’t stop until you reach your goal. Lindsey discusses something that has gone through every (in)fertile woman’s mind: to keep going or to give up?

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Day 10 of the Bloggers Fertility Conference

Today’s post is by yours truly!


When Chiemi asked me to submit a few pieces for the conference, I chose the ones I thought would help people the most – you know more of the “how to” style. I also submitted this one entitled, “Who Are You?” It originally appeared on my blog on January 5th, 2015. That’s right when we started our FET cycle.

Often throughout the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to pause and take a second to remember who we are. That’s what this post is about. Enjoy! ❤

Who are you?

Yes – YOU!

I know you have been feeling…







You are so much more than a diagnosis.

Infertility affects you. Don’t let it define you.

You are a brave soul who puts her dreams at the forefront of her life.

You are a wife, lover, daughter, mother, sister, friend.

You are an athlete, painter, writer, singer, expert knitter or whatever other activity lights your fire.

When you aren’t sure you can go on…

Take a moment. Sit in the sun.

Think of YOUR happy place from before

the testing

the timed intercourse

the treatments

the drugs.

Wrap your arms around your body and give yourself a hug.

You are strong. You are brave.

This journey tests your limits, but also helps you get to know yourself better.

You may change. You may not recognize yourself at times.

If that happens, take a deep breath.

Ok, take 3 deep breaths.

Breathe in, breathe out.

When infertility feels like it’s running your life, take a step out of the dark.


Change your focus.

Go to a movie.

Take the dogs for a run.

Cuddle under the stars.

Bake chocolate chip cookies.

Forget the chaos of wanting to control something beyond your control.

Do whatever makes you happy.


Let your light shine.

Remind yourself who you are:

A beautiful soul who is worthy of love, joy and happiness.

Don’t life’s struggles steal that from you.

Stand on your own two feet and move forward

with courage, confidence, and even a lil’ swagger.

You are YOU. The only you.

That’s all that matters.

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Day 9 of the Bloggers Fertility Conference

Today’s post is by Logan from With Great Expectation.

Finding the silver lining in our struggles can give us strength and perseverance. When Logan was first diagnosed with PCOS, she didn’t think she would find any good in it. Now, Logan shares 5 Reasons I am Thankful for PCOS.

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Psssttt… if you haven’t caught on, I’m featured tomorrow! Stay tuned! 

Day 8 of the Bloggers Fertility Conference

Today’s post is Caroline from In Due Time.

Blogging isn’t always easy to do. You put your heart and soul into words and post them for others to read which can leave you open to criticism and judgement. The struggle of infertility is one that comes with lots of pain – something that not everyone can handle. Caroline shares her thoughts on being vulnerable and why sharing her story is worth it.

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Day 7 of the Bloggers Fertility Conference

Today’s post is by Jessi from Life Abundant.

Sometimes you receive a diagnosis for your infertility; sometimes it’s unexplained. Either way, not everyone realizes that certain conditions can cause symptoms that affect you beyond just trying to conceive.

Jessi shares what it’s like to live with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

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