What birthdays should really be about

Yesterday, I turned 28. Stuck in the middle between the mid-20’s and those dirty 30’s.

This year, I hoped for over 100 “Happy birthday” wishes on my Facebook wall.

I got it.

In fact, I hit over 120, probably 125 if you count text messages and phone calls.

Then I realized, what is the point of saying happy birthday? Do these people actually mean it? Isn’t celebrating the birth of a unique individual worth more than two repetitive words?

A birthday is more than just another year older. It’s a day to be grateful for the beauty of sharing in another human being’s life. So next time a friend, family member, work colleague or even an acquaintance has a special day to celebrate, take a moment to be grateful:

  • What do you cherish the most about your relationship?
  • Why are you lucky you are to have met them?
  • How do they inspire you?

And then, tell them “Happy birthday” but also tell them why.