Welcome… thanks for stopping by!

I bet you are either:

  1. Trying to conceive
  2. Experiencing or grieving a pregnancy loss
  3. Entering the phase of parenting after infertility/loss

Some days are harder than others. Often the light at the end of the tunnel seems unreachable.

But, I’m here to tell you: YOU CAN DO THIS.

The fact that you found my little corner of the world wide web proves to me that you WANT to move forward. We can’t predict what the outcome of our struggles will be, but I guarantee you are on the right path. You landed here which shows you are empowering yourself with information and connection.

Information will allow you to advocate for yourself and make informed choices. Connection will remind you that all those thoughts that run through your head, all those emotions that overwhelm you, and all of the challenges that lie ahead are COMMON (as much as we all wish they weren’t).

I’ve been there. I get it.

As you read my story, you will see that I made it through.

I’m beyond blessed to be a Momma to our beautiful Angel Emme, and my vivacious earthly son Wyatt. I believe there may be another soul (or two) waiting in the wings for the right opportunity to join us. But, much like you, I have NO CLUE what the next leg of my journey looks like.

I’m currently taking a hiatus from Awaiting Autumn.

Right now, I’m not awaiting anything.

Being a mother, a wife, a friend, an entrepreneur, and a volunteer in my local fertility community is where my focus is these days. My words are flowing, just not on these pages.

I’d glad you found me though. And I hope you leave with a lesson or two to comfort you.

Welcome to my story – a journey through unexplained infertility, ectopic pregnancy loss, and into motherhood.

To be continued… 


The floodgates have opened

I was feeling nauseous. It had been all day – on and off.

I described it as like when I was pregnant.

Why, oh why did I make that comparison? 

He got excited.

I told him to slow down. We had JUST had sex a few days ago.

He commented that we also did it 2 weeks ago to be exact.

Isn’t it ironic that he remembers better than I do now? 

He asked if I had taken a test.

I didn’t have any.

He offered to pick some up on his way home.

An hour later, I started puking and the fever set in.

I texted him to forget about the tests. It was only the flu.

I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sorrow.

That spark of excitement at the possibility of a miracle pregnancy had been ignited. And just as fast as it was lit, it burnt out again.

I told him I was sorry.

I didn’t realize how stupid and naive I would feel thinking that we could possibly be pregnant…

I didn’t realize it would catch me so off guard.

The floodgates have opened.

The possibility and hope for another child has been brought to the forefront of our minds.

Or maybe it just never really went away? 










The end of the first year

I must admit it. I’ve been horrible at writing since I returned to work. Being a mompreneur means that – for now – my blog has dropped in priority. Here I am for a long overdue update.

I can hardly believe that Wyatt is 14 months old. We successfully made it through the first year. He’s developed into such a caring, inquisitive, intelligent, affectionate toddler. His personality is so strong. I often joke he’s way more of an extrovert than I am, but he still loves his snuggles and down time when we are alone at home.

He’s really thriving at daycare; although, he’s barely been there this month. We went to Florida for a week earlier in December with my brother and his family. Then, my husband and I both took some time off over the Christmas holidays.

I hosted Christmas supper this year with my in-laws which was better than I expected. I really made an effort to focus on the kids. Wyatt (kinda) learned to open presents, but was way more excited to watch his cousins open theirs.

I really realized this holiday season that I miss my family. Tremendously. I wish my parents could have seen more of my son throughout the first year of his life. We’ve started facetime-ing with them a bit more often. My Mom works crazy hours though and she doesn’t get to see Wyatt as often as my Dad does. He made strange with her on Christmas morning and it just broke my heart.

We really enjoyed vacation with my brother though. I want to make an effort to visit my family more often each year.

Guess what? Come on this is an easy one… we are still breastfeeding, co-sleeping and cloth diapering. We might try to transition Wyatt onto milk at daycare and his toddler bed for naps (he hated the crib, so we converted it the other day). We aren’t really in a rush. We keep chatting about it, but haven’t actively pursued either yet.

As for me, I’m still working on getting clear as to what it is I’m destined to do for my career. I’ve been successfully freelancing and consulting since September. I have a few opportunities in front of me. I’m trying my best to listen to my intuition on which one lights me up and fits our family needs.

Going through infertility, loosing a baby, birthing a beautiful rainbow baby and watching him grow over this past year has given me a new perspective on life. I spent so many years angry, resentful, ashamed, hurt, grieving and feeling guilty. Infertility and loss will always be a part of our life – a part of our story – but I’m not willing to let the darkness overcome me. I will go with the ebbs and the flows of my feelings, but my son deserves to live in a home full of light.

I’ve decided my word for the year 2017 is CREATE… and I plan to create a life full of happiness, love, joy, and passion.

Happy Holidays & all the best to you in 2017.







And some things stay the same… 

I still frequently go to acupuncture. My acupuncturist is an amazing woman who has helped me on so many levels beyond just fertility. 

Today at my appointment, I told her that I’ve just been exhausted lately. I attributed it to staying up past midnight for a week straight, being the Mom of a one year old, running my own business, the change in seasons and you know, the full moon. 

She asked if there was a possibility I could be pregnant. 

I told her there was a chance –  isn’t there always when you aren’t using birth control? – but it was like a 0.01% chance.

 My gut said not pregnant. 


Curiosity always gets the best of me. 

I dug around in the bathroom cupboard and found an ultra sensitive pregnancy test. You know one of ones from my ectopic days that literally detect anything. It was even expired. 

I peed on it anyway. 

Do you get where this is going? 

I ain’t no magical unicorn. I’m just a regular (in)fertile woman who can’t resist the urge to POAS. 

I still don’t have my period one year postpartum due to breastfeeding. I clearly need to get to bed earlier and listen to my gut. 

Whomp. Whomp. Whomp. 

Hi single red line! I didn’t miss you, you little bitch. 

Unpacking the box

My brother and his wife were blessed with a little girl yesterday! Yes, I said GIRL! They did not know what they were having prior to the delivery, but everyone assumed it was another boy. I am so excited for them. She’s so little and precious.

This morning my emotions hit me like a ton of bricks.

“What if we don’t ever get to have a girl?” 

“What if we don’t even get to have another child?” 

Infertility drains the hope from you. You remember how hard it was the first time, maybe even the second time. You dread what you may have to face to get a slight chance at another try.

You question if it’s worth it and if you are strong enough to go through it again. You get angry at your body. You wish it was easier.

Today, I felt the need to let go.

I unpacked the box of girl items I had bought for Emme. I want my niece Madelyn to have some of them. I set aside a blanket, booties, two hats, a few onesies and sleepers. While I did this, Wyatt was crawling around at my feet.  I gave him a set of pink and blue baby blocks to play with. He can have something from his sister’s box as well.

I’m beyond grateful for our son; for all my nieces and nephews. When I get upset after a new little person joins us, it is nothing personal with the family who has been blessed. I’m so happy for them.

What surfaces are the demons of infertility – my own longing, my own grief, my own fears. Sometimes they need to be tamed back. Today they needed to be felt and let free.




The unspoken feelings on Father’s Day

We’re in Ontario visiting my parents. I just listened to them go on and on about what gender the babies will be for my sister-in-law and my sister (because surprise! She’s almost 5 months pregnant but hasn’t officially told my brother or I).

Back in February, my parents had an intuitive reading done. This woman said they would have one more boy and one girl grandchild.

Finding out my sister is pregnant left me feeling gutted as my Dad keeps referencing this psychic prediction. Each time he does, it’s like the dagger of infertility digs a little deeper. He doesn’t get how painful it is to think what we might have to go through to try for another child and that we may never get the chance to have another.

If we can’t, I’ll need to process another round of failure and grief to find acceptance in our situation. Still, the uncertainty is scary.

I know that intuition can be off. This woman may not have seen what the future holds for my husband and I. Life is moldable. Energy changes each instant.

It doesn’t help that it’s Father’s Day. Any occasion associated with parenthood stirs up all the emotions inside me related to infertility and loss.

It doesn’t help that my Dad referenced my husband’s ”First Father’s Day”, forgetting about our Emme and the fact that Mike has been an amazing father to get our fur babies for years before that.

It doesn’t help that as my Dad went on and on, a close friend of mine who is living a child free life posted about their infertility struggles on Facebook. We get their pain.

So for today, I’m going to accept that they still don’t ”get it”.  I’m going to enjoy my last day at the beach by taking in the warm sun, feeling the cool breeze off the lake, and sending love and light to all the Fathers out there.

Whether you hold your children in your arms or only your heart, I see you. I honour you. I feel with you. ❤

Happy Father’s Day to my husband Michael. Wyatt, Emme and our brood of fur babies are so blessed to have you.

Finding connections when we least expect them

Besides mothering, what could we have in common?

She has 3 beautiful daughters each spaced 2 perfectly planned years apart. Clearly not infertile. 

I enjoyed her company though. We chatted about motherhood – breastfeeding, cosleeping, returning to work. I felt a sense of normalcy to finally be able to relate to an acquaintance on a level I never could have before.

Finally, I mentioned that Wyatt was an IVF baby.

She asked, “Is he your first?”

“No, we had a loss before him.”

“Me too. I lost my first baby too.”

And just like that, I realized my judgement was so wrong.

It’s the things you can’t see, the words often left unspoken, the pieces of the story that hurt when they are said out loud that bind us together.

I see you warrior Momma.

And thank you for sharing your truth with me. ❤




Remembering our Emme – 1 year later

Earlier this week, someone I follow posted this to Facebook and it spoke to me:

It is a myth that time heals.

Time does not heal. Love heals.

Devote time to love and you will heal.

Tomorrow is a big day. Wyatt turns 7 months old… and it’s Emme Day. She would have been 1 years old. 

I will always have a daughter. I knew her on soul level which is something I am so grateful for. Her sweet energy, her warm smile, her innocence – it all brings me so much warmth and joy.

She gave us the ultimate gift: her brother. If she had joined us earthside, we would not have Wyatt. That’s a tough one to swallow, but such a strong realization. 

I still have those moments of longing and wondering who she would have been, but I have found a sense of peace with her passing.

May 24 is not a day for sadness. It’s a day for celebration.

I plan to celebrate the love I have for both my children. Wyatt and I are starting the day with a reiki treatment, then we are making a stepping stone for the garden in memory of Emme.

We love you baby girl. ❤  



Are we trying or not trying?

We found a few minutes to have sex the other day. I’m not going to jazz it up and pretend it was anything other than what it was. My husband put the baby in his crib to play with a book and some toys. We had somewhere between 7-10 minutes to be intimate before Wyatt decided he’d had enough alone time.

It was enough to make us feel human again, to bring us back to who we were before a baby joined us. I do wish we could find more moments like this.


The baby started whining and fortunately the timing was perfect for one of us. :/

Mike got up to get the baby and then, he said it.

Alright sperm… Get swimming!”

Wow. Talk about a mood killer. But, it wasn’t the mood that was most affected.

He didn’t foresee how gutted I would feel after he said it. He didn’t realize how many emotions 4 words could stir up. He didn’t mean for it to be hurtful.
Honestly, I think he was trying to be hopeful.

Each time I’ve mentioned having a second child, Mike tells me not to rush it and that we don’t need to worry about it now. All of a sudden it’s on his mind?

Should I embrace his positivity? Isn’t it a good thing that he’s so optimistic about us potentially being able to conceive #2 on our own?

No. My logical, rational mind can’t go there. I’m not pessimistic. I’m realistic.

I’m still breastfeeding. I haven’t had my menstrual cycle return yet. I’m down one fallopian tube. We needed IVF with ISCI to conceive our son.

I’d love to live in a state of trying without trying, but after infertility and loss, that concept just isn’t viable in my mind. I need to shelve any unrealistic expectations of conceiving on our own.

We had a brief talk about it last night. I think he gets where I stand. At least, I really hope he does. Neither one of us needs to go back to that place right now.

We aren’t trying, yet we clearly aren’t doing anything to prevent it… And we will see where we end up.

No expectations. Blissful ignorance. Simply sex for pleasure.

Let’s leave it at that.

A checkpoint

I’m finding this month to be reflective.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m halfway through the first year of my son’s life?

Maybe it’s the crazy lunar cycles we’ve been experiencing?

Maybe it’s the chakra balancing and reiki I’ve been doing?

Maybe it’s just time…

Almost 3 years ago, I started writing about our journey through infertility and pregnancy loss. It’s been a combination of fact, emotion, intuition, medical intervention and miracle.

There’s no need to apologize.

There’s no need to feel guilty.

There’s no need to feel like I have to justify what I’ve said or done along the way.

It’s my truth.

It’s my story.

I’ve come a long way from the woman who typed her first blog post and hit submit.

I’ve cut ties to my past. I’ve healed aching wounds.

I’ve released those who no longer serve my greater good. I’ve tightened my circle.

I’ve set boundaries and defined my needs.

I’ve learned that I am capable, strong, intuitive, gentle, fierce, motherly, compassionate, passionate, sensitive, caring, … the list could go on.

But most of all, I’ve learned that I am LOVED.

Tonight I was feeling insecure. I questioned myself, my decisions, my steps along the way.

I know better.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout it all is to listen to my gut. I know what is right and what is wrong for me. When I listen to this knowing, I experience peace and joy. When I ignore it, I experience anxiety and despair.

It’s a very clear picture; a very simple process.

There’s no need to fret dear one. You are YOU. And that’s a beautiful thing. ❤

Next time you are feeling like I was, I encourage you to ask yourself how you can change these feelings? Does what is causing them REALLY matter? What will make them go away?

Listen to yourself. You’ve got all the answers you need inside.