Reflections after Day 1 of stims

My first night stimming for IVF was fairly easy and not much of a deal at all. 

Here’s a few reflections from my experience: 

  • Those instructional videos really helped. My meds also came with decent hand-outs. 
  • My hands are too little (or I’m just too clumsy) to be able to pinch my skin, hold the Puregon pen and somehow twist the end down to release the meds. I think I’ve talked hubby into doing this part for me, even though last night he “hid” downstairs and “pretended” he didn’t notice I was doing my shots. :/ 
  • Slow insertion works best. (For some odd reason, I find this one humourous. hehe
  • Don’t throw all assumed left over pieces into your sharps container until you ensure that they aren’t needed any more. I may have tossed the cover for my puregon needle in without removing it. It wasn’t too difficult to fish it out, but I assume it will be MUCH harder once that container fills up.
  • I’ve decided I like Repronex better than Puregon since it’s less shots. My Puregon dosage is 225 IU. The cartridges come in either 300 IU or 600 IU. This means some nights I’ll have to switch cartridges and do 2 injections of Puregon to get my full dosage. Really? Couldn’t you make the cartridges MUCH bigger or come in more of a variety of sizes? 
  • The Repronex didn’t burn much until AFTER. Solution: Curl up on the couch and catch a few shows on Netflix. Stretch out that belly, so it doesn’t rub or touch much. It goes away not too long after. I haven’t experienced any welts… yet. 
Overall verdict: slow down, follow the steps, pull up your big girl panties and just get’er done.
Besides, it will all be worth it in the end. *fingers-crossed*

26 thoughts on “Reflections after Day 1 of stims

  1. Ya, day 1 is over!! LOL about your husband, mine would NEVER be able to give me the shots. That really sucks about Purgon and having to take 2 shots some days just b/c of the dose problems. That’s so dumb. LOL, slow insertion, giggle. GO GIRL, THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. In contrast, my wife totally gets a kick out of giving me my shots. Yesterday at the RE when they were going to add another menopur vial, she got all excited and said, “so I get to give you TWO shots???” (She only does the menopur for me.) She was genuinely disappointed when I told her both vials could go in one syringe. Brat.


  3. You made it past day one! It’s all easier from here! I liked to sing the “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS” song or the “Wiggle wiggle yeah” song when my husband gave me my shots. Have to have some fun with this stuff or we’ll all go insane!


  4. Glad the first day is done! I found it was the hardest day! As for your hubby hiding downstairs, I say if it get’s too tricky, get his help! My husband did not want to do it as first. He was afraid of hurting me, but it was so much easier with his help. It also got him involved in the process. Sure they know you’re taking meds, but when the have to start injecting you every day, I think they can appreciate/understand all that you’re going through a little better. Continuing to keep everything crossed for and praying for lots of juicy follicles 🙂


    • Tonight, he watched but I still did the pen myself. He just takes the cap off the Repronex needle as I find it sticks and I don’t want to stab myself. He laughed and admitted that because the cap is so long, he actually thought last night that the needle was that long to. It freaked him out so that’s why he took off. Once he looked closer tonight, he realized it’s like 1/3 the size of what he thought it was.


  5. yay! i’m relieved none of mine are pens, so it’s just 1 injection of each. bummed i can’t mix them together though. i’ve hit capillaries a couple times recently with lupron so i have some little red dots, but nothing bad yet. we’ll see how things look starting tomorrow!


    • I noticed this evening that I have the slightest mark from my Reponex. It’s more light pink than blue though. Yes, tomorrow night I have enough left for 1 more pen injection, but the next time will be a 3 shot night. YUCK!


  6. I’m so excited for you!! I’m scared about the needles, and we haven’t even decided on a clinic yet. I’ve already told one of my friends who is a pharmacist that she will be giving me the shots! lol

    Good luck!!!


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