On the path to positivity

This cycle is different. 

It’s not just because it’s my 1st IVF. 

It’s just all around different. 

I’ve come so far from the person I was when we first set out trying to conceive. This Lindsey is different. 

I no longer live in fear. I am no longer am anxiety-ridden. 

I know there’s no sense in worrying about the what-ifs – what could go wrong – with this cycle. We will face whatever crosses our path if/when we need to. 

I am truly taking this one day at a time. 

At the beginning of this month, I set the following intentions for our IVF journey:

support, truth, honesty…

love, strength, grounding…

confidence, trust, belief in the journey…

a sense of calmness and serenity…

health, happiness, joy, openness and peace. 

I can honestly say that’s exactly how I’m feeling. 

I am at peace with the process. I have belief in the journey. 

I know we will conceive our children.

I can’t guarantee it will be with this cycle, but it’s much easier to live in hope than despair.  

There is light at the end of this journey. I can see it shining already. 

Today I choose hope



12 thoughts on “On the path to positivity

  1. I felt the same way starting my IVF cycle. In 4 years of TTC I finally reached a point where I able to be positive. I truly believe that helped me through the whole cycle. I’m so glad you went the IVF route and I hope this first cycle gives you your BFP!


  2. What a lovely calm attitude you have! I’m glad you’re my cycle buddy!

    I totally agree. Our cycles will evolve the way they do and challenge us in SO many ways but as long as we stay authentic and true we’ll do just dandy.



  3. You are right; you are a different person than when you started. I remember being in this place before my last FET, not my first IVF. Although it did not work (for reasons that now at least appear to be immune-related, which sadly were immune to my positive attitude and sense of confidence, peace and balance), I am so grateful to see you in that place now, too. Your children are waiting for you two. I cannot wait for you to embrace them. All the best, Lindsey.


    • I think of you often and your perspective going into your last FET. I know it’s heartbreaking when a cycle doesn’t work out but I also know I can’t spend a month living in fear. What will be, will be.


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