All systems are a go: IVF stimming begins tonight

I just received an email from my nurse saying that my blood work and ultrasound results are good.

We can start stimming tonight! 

I’m not even on hormones and this almost made me cry! I’m just so excited to get the ball rollin’. 

As I mentioned in My IVF Protocol, I’m starting off with 225 IU of Puregon and 75 IU of Repronex. 

Since we are remote, our clinic gave me the following instructional videos to watch: 

I can also call my nurse directly tonight if I have any questions. Yes, this is one thing I love about our clinic. It’s very personal and someone is ALWAYS available to help you. 

I’ve heard that it helps to ice before the Repronex. 

Do any of you IVF experts have any other injection advice? 



37 thoughts on “All systems are a go: IVF stimming begins tonight

  1. I had far more of a reaction with Suprefact than with Repronex. And it’s a small enough dose, I think you’ll be fine. I iced once and found it hard to get the needle in after. Breathe out as you insert the needle. And I insert slow, I’m not a jabber. I also found if I held my breathe it always went worse haha. Good luck! I’m sure it’ll go great!!


  2. So glad to hear you get to start stimming! My best advice is to not overthink the shots – they might sting at first but once you do the first couple you’ll realize they’re really not that bad. I never iced anything and the worst ones for me were the progesterone after the transfer.


  3. So happy you’re a go! I don’t have too much advice to share that I’m sure your videos won’t go over, other then Menopur burns as the medication is being injected. For me, this was the worst part of all the injections I had to do. Just wanted to warn you because it was a bit of a surprise the first time I did it. Good luck hon! I hope your hubby is helping you with the injections? I’m so excited and hopeful for you!


  4. Awesome news!! I took hMG (the generic of Repronex) with my last 2 IUI’s. Ice may help, also I recommend injecting the meds slowly……it burns going in. You got this girl!!


  5. I’ve never iced and was advised not to because the meds can have a harder time dispersing in chilled tissue and for another reason I can’t remember. The easiest way I found to do injections either with the Puregon pen or a syringe if Repronex is like Lupron (I have never used Repronex) is to pinch and then just situate the tip next to the gathered skin and let the needle “sink in” rather than jabbing. Jabbing is for amateurs. Even if it’s your first few times, with your present attitude, you’re a pro. Go easy and let the needles do the work!.


    • Ya it truly wasn’t that bad. And so far, I’ve never been a jabber! I also read the same thing online about ths ice last night so I’ve decided to not use it either. Thanks for validating that fact for me though.


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