My meds have arrived

Do you think the CanadaPost delivery lady thought I was a quack or a criminal when I said ”Thanks I’ve been waiting for this one, almost $5000 worth of drugs” ?

My injectable meds arrived yesterday morning. I drove all the way to work,  checked the tracking and noticed it had JUST been updated from a Monday delivery to Friday. So, I packed up and went back home. I won’t deny it. I prefer working from home on Fridays.

Here’s my loot: Puregon, Repronex and Orgalutron with needles and sharps container.


And here’s my Puregon chillin’ out (literally) in the fridge:


Oh, and that $4500 was only for what you see. It doesn’t include the rest of my meds.

5 days til injections start. 11 days til we fly out.

Shit’s gettin’ real.


37 thoughts on “My meds have arrived

  1. Yay! This is so exciting!!! And man, that’s a respectable amount of meds.. Not long to go now! All the best – fingers, toes and all other crossable organs crossed for you!!xx


  2. Damned WordPress somehow made me unfollow you *again*. Argh. I’m sorry I’m late to the party as a result (only here because I thought “gee she’s quiet…”).

    Did they give you your injection schedule already? Curious about whether Dr. H has you on both Repronex and Puregon from start of injects or if he adds the LH later on (Puregon is FSH only, that’s all I’ve ever taken for injectables other than Lupron).

    Wishing you so much luck and some calm nerves as you move forward. I’m sure you’re getting anxious. Hugs, my friend.


  3. Woohoo! I kind of wanted to have a picture of all my meds at once, but they don’t do that here in Finland. We get the prescription of what we need at the time we need it. Nothing more, nothing less. (but it also doesn’t cost as much here and I had to pick it up directly form the pharmacy, so they knew exactly what I was getting and why. No crazy person looks here (maybe).


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