My IVF protocol

I’m on the Long Antagonist IVF protocol.

Right now, I’m on Day 11 of a 21 day birth control cycle. Over half way done!

Since a few people have been asking, here’s my medication list and our tentative timeline.

IVF Medication List

Drug Dosage  What is it?
Marvelon 1 pill daily Birth control – used to suppress ovulation for 1 cycle prior to IVF
Puregon 225 IU Used to stimulate ovaries. Also referred to as Follitism.
Repronex 75 IU Used to stimulate ovaries. Also referred to as Menopur.
Orgalutron 250 mcg Used to prevent premature LH surge, allowing for a delay in ovulation. Also referred to as Ganirelix or Antagon.
Estrace 2 mg 2x day Estrogen supplement used to help maintain uterine lining
Prometrium 200 mg 3x day Used to increase progesterone
Doxycycline 100 mg 2x day Antibiotic used to prevent infection post-retrieval.
Asprin 81 mg daily Used to improve blood flow to uterus (I think?)
Dexamethasone TBD Corticosteroid used to relieve inflamation; part of the immune protocol
Intralipids TBD Administered via IV; part of the immune protocol

After my DOR diagnosis, they increased my Puregon from 150 to 225. So far, everything else has stayed the same.

IVF Timeline

Date(s) Action
July 28-August 16 Take birth control
August 20 Blood test & ultrasound
August 20-24 Puregon & Repronex injections
August 25 Blood test & ultrasound
August 25-26 Puregon & Repronex + Orgalutron injections
August 26 FLY TO CLINIC!
August 27 Blood test & ultrasound & intralipids. Injections: TBD
TBD Egg retrieval
TBD Transfer
TBD FLY HOME – Pregnant til proven otherwise! (PUPO)

40 thoughts on “My IVF protocol

  1. I’m excited for you! Having a timeline makes it feel real. Not to freak you out, but doxycycline was my least favorite part of IVF. I had two rounds of it and both times I ended up with yeast infections. My nurses said it was common for that to happen. It also made me feel like crap – taking it with food helps. Hopefully it does not do the same to you – but I like to warn people because I didn’t expect an antibiotic to kick my butt like that! Please keep updating during your IVF journey! You’re in my thoughts this month and I really hope this is the answer for you!


    • Ugh, yeah, the doxy gave me bad diarrhea. Thankfully, I only had to take it for a few days. I honestly had zero side effects from everything else. (I was on Bravelle instead of Follistim, and Crinone instead of prometrium, but everything else was the same, except for your immune stuff.) Good luck to you! Having a time line makes it so much more real!


  2. Wow, we are almost on the same IVF timeline. I started BCP on 8/4 and will go in for my test transfer, baseline ultrasound, HSG, and consent signing on 8/20 and then will drop off the BCPs/start GNRH and start injectables as soon as period starts. Retrieval/transfer estimated for 1st week in September. Good luck and prayers for you!


  3. Our timelines aren’t far off! I’m done with BCPs on Tuesday, and we’re looking at transfer the first week of September. I took Doxycycline for a few days prior to my HSG test, and although I tend to be very sensitive to antibiotics (stomach upset, etc.), I didn’t have a problem with this one. I hope that’s the case for you!


    • Keep following. I’ll document more as we go through the process. I love reading other people’s stories as it truly gives you a different perspective than just reading info from the clinic or agency.


  4. My protocol looked almost identical except I was on 150 repronex and I did Suprefact injections. The RE swapped out Orgalutron right before starting. I will have to concur re: doxy…made me feel quite ill during the IVF process although when I took it again for my FET, I didn’t feel nearly as ill. Repronex and Puregon are easy peasy especially the Puregon pen (FYI: there’s always more in the pen then what’s listed so use it all! For instance, you may get a pen for 900iu and there will actually be like 950iu in there. Just keep track and the handy dandy pad it comes with). Suprefact has way more bite than the other injections (for me anyways). Intralipids – super easy 🙂 Good luck and enjoy the vacay!


  5. Wow, I love how you’ve laid all the info out – very clear, concise and helpful. Really, really excited for you!! Wishing you a smooth and successful cycle.xx


  6. Wahoo! I love having a plan! I’m super excited for you. I also took 225 follistim, 75 Menopur and ganirellex. Follistim had a lot of overfill so don’t freak when you see extra in the tube. I got close to 75 extra units out of each vial. Wishing you much success!


  7. Sounds like some overlap with my suggested protocol but I don’t have all of the details yet, it will certainly include estrace, menopur and follistim. From what I know (which isn’t much since I’m just starting this IVF ride) is that the menopur and follistim are given together as a high dose protocol to try to maximize the number of retrievable eggs from however many follicles you have. I hope all goes well for you!


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