Hello Aunt Flo… where are you?

CD 33. Natural cycle.

Alright, yesterday when I exclaimed, “MY PERIOD IS COMING!”, it was a false alarm.

The only “spotting” I got yesterday was from a two finger cervical sweep. I have spoken to my RE in the past about sometimes seeing red mixed with my mucus if I’m checking cervical position. She said I probably have a sensitive cervix.

Well Sensitive Cervix – you fooled me! 

I have zero spotting, zero symptoms, zero period.

I spoke with my Acupuncturist. She told me to be patient and try testing in a few days.

I think it is HIGHLY unlikely that I am pregnant. Aunt Flo is just being a bitch like usual.

Here’s what I’ve tried to induce my period:

  1. Have sex. Unfortunately, this didn’t work. Might have to try attempt #2 tonight. 
  2. Exercise. Exercise was covered off when I played fast ball this past weekend. I also went to yoga last night thinking that building the heat would bring the flow. No such luck. 

Do you have any other suggestions or old wives tales to bring forth Aunt Flo? I’m at a loss here.

If she still hasn’t arrived tomorrow, I’ll use up my last FRER.


36 thoughts on “Hello Aunt Flo… where are you?

  1. Parsley tea is an emmenagogue and can help bring on a period but be site you’re not pg because it can cause a miscarriage as well. High doses of vitamin C can also help but again only if you’re sure you’re not knocked up.


      • I wonder what would happen if you just started on BCPs … the first thing they have to do is find out if you’re a good candidate for IVF. They do that by giving you BCP and doing a hysterosalpingogram, where they fill your uterus with saline solution then do an ultrasound to look for polyps, scars etc. I imagine you’re just as anxious to get started as I was… so I would say ask your doctor if you can get started on the BCP already… is it the same doctor you’ve been seeing all this time? Meaning, does s/he know your history well enough to make that call over the phone?


  2. My last cycle was 38 days, which I NEVER had. To jump start my period I took 1000mg of vitamin 3 three times a day for three days (just like I read on eHow). On 4th day I got my period. I’ve never been happier to see AF 🙂


  3. Definitely take another test! I don’t want to give you false hope, but it sure sounds like the spotting you had yesterday could have been implantation bleeding, and if that’s the case, then there may not have been enough hcg in your urine yet for a positive test yesterday. I am crossing everything I can cross for a BFP tomorrow!


  4. Everything I can suggest is an emmenogogue, which you don’t want to do. If you change your mind, e-mail me. I’ve got a laundry list of crap to take that can bring on a period. Usually it takes a 1-2 days but it works.

    I won’t suggest positive thinking. BTDT, it’s a crock of crap in my experience. Bah freakin’ humbug! Sorry, I’m sure suzie sunshine will come back to me one day. If not, I’ll stop blogging and spare you and everyone the negativity!

    Really hoping you get good news one way or another soon. Sorry you’re stuck in this limbo.


      • Good work with the visualizations. Is that kind of like spring cleaning for the lady cave? Glad you saved yourself the expense of another test if you didn’t bother with that. I’m waiting on her, too, btw, but I’m not freaking as it could be as late as Saturday and still be in my range. And no, I’m not pregnant. And if I was, my womb would kill it so I’m not testing anymore (I did yesterday so I could have wine to drown my sorrows).

        Now on to the next positive item on the agenda: your consult with the new RE is coming up soon – yay!


  5. LOL, right there with ya. And I’m POSITIVE I’m not pregnant this cycle because we haven’t even had sex (TMI, lol). I’m on CD32 today….maybe she’ll be here soon? Who knows!!!!


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