(In)fertile limbo-land – AGAIN!

CD 32. Natural Cycle.

BFN. No fucking period!

Nothing. Nadda. No spotting. No symptoms.

I had some slight cramping last week, but now I’ve concluded that must have just been shit cramps (Yes I just said shit cramps – keepin’ it classy).  My nips were sore, but that went away.

I’ve been waiting since CD28 for Aunt Flo to appear. I usually get it between CD 28-31.

So, I’m reaching out to the fertility gods to give me a hand here.  Because we all know the second I hit Publish Post, I run to the bathroom and BAM she’s here! 

It’s exactly 2 weeks til our IVF consult. I’m anxious to hear what Dr. H has to say, but more anxious to get this period over with.

Come on Aunt Flo! Stop playing this mind game with me and just let me have it! 

 UPDATE: As predicted, I go to the bathroom and the ever-so-slightest bit of spotting has started. Finally. Let’s get that full flow started. I’m ready for a fresh cycle.

12 thoughts on “(In)fertile limbo-land – AGAIN!

  1. I’m sorry this cycle ended in a BFN but excited for the next chapter for you. Good luck with your upcoming consult. It’s overwhelming to take that next step; hoping it’s one step closer to a BFP!


  2. I’m so sorry your cycle dragged out so long and ended in a bfn 😦 But so glad AF finally arrived and that you’re ready to move forward with this new cycle. Sending you positive thoughts for your upcoming consult and next steps. I hope this is the beginning of good news to come!


  3. Oh, the infertility-limbo. I can only commiserate; it is a very specific kind of hell! Excited, though, that you have only two weeks left for your IVF consult. Am crossing everything that it’ll go well and will yield a positive result!!x


  4. Last month I was over a week late for no reason, and that never happends. But im sure af knew that we were starting back with IUI and she coulnd’t help but make me suffer waiting!


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