Where do all the Angel babies go?

This morning,  I listened to “Beam Me Up” by Pink and wondered to myself…

But where is up? Where do all the Angel babies go? What does this place look like?

I pictured a place like Neverland

Except no evil Pirates to be found

A place where fairies live

Where green leaves are lush

And fireflies light the night sky

Where sunsets glow ember

And rainbows never fade

Where flowers bloom all year round

A perfect temperature – never too warm, never too cold

Beautiful ponds filled with golden fish

Puffy white clouds

The bluest of skies

Where the wind whispers lullabies

Through fields of wildflowers

Vibrant, yet soft

Cozy and peaceful

Where happiness, love, joy are felt with intensity

It’s beautiful. It’s magical. It’s stunning.

Yes, that makes perfect sense.

That’s where our babies go when they aren’t with you or me. ❤

Full Moon practices for affirming and releasing

Tonight is the first Full Moon of 2015, the Full Moon in Cancer.

Similar to my New Moon practices, I have a routine for each Full Moon. I light a candle, get out my Full Moon journal and write a list of things I want to release to the Universe.

This Full Moon felt different though. My list ended up being affirmations to take me into my next cycle. That’s the thing about moon ceremonies, you make them what you need them to be. Go with the energy. Go with the flow of your intuition. Do what speaks to you.

Back in November, my husband and I decided to both write letters to our daughter Emme as part of our grieving process. Surprisingly, my husband finished his a few weeks ago. I asked him to place it in Emme’s box for safe keeping. I’ve been putting off writing my letter. I kept telling myself I wasn’t sure I needed to do it, but tonight, I felt the urge to.

As I wrote my letter, tears poured down my face. I wrote about everything Emme’s death taught us and how it brought us closer together. I thanked her for choosing us to be her parents even if she isn’t with us any more. I reminded my daughter that she is and will always be loved. I asked her to give her brother hugs and kisses, and then to send him on his way. ❤

As I wrote, I looked up at the TV and realized the song Unbreakable by Jamie Scott was playing. The album cover featured a large tree (similar to the one I always see in my meditations) with a rainbow going through it. Could this be a sign? I sure hope so. 


Tonight as we move out of the energy of the Full Moon in Cancer, I’d like to dedicate this song to every Mother out there who is missing her babies. We are all unbreakable. XO