Bedtime routines and Mommy time

I managed to escape.

Escape… that sounds so bad. :/

Our co-sleeping routine used to be that Wyatt settled down for the night whenever I decided to go to bed. Prior to my bedtime, he typically slept on either Mike or I if we were relaxing at home or in the carrier if we happened to be out (which is a rare occurrence).

Over the past month, he’s been ready to go to sleep by 8:30-9pm. The issue here is: he won’t go to bed without the boob or without me. Since I was sick for almost 3 weeks, this earlier routine worked to my advantage as I was needing the extra sleep. Now, I’m too alert to go down at 8:30 pm.

Tonight once Wyatt fell asleep, I told Mike to snuggle in closer to him and I snuck out of the room. Often if Wyatt isn’t in a deep enough sleep, he will fuss for me. Tonight, he reached for me, but was content enough to go right back to sleep. Mike loves going to bed early especially since he’s been working overtime lately. This arrangement might work well moving forward.

I finished stuffing diapers and put away a load of baby laundry. Now, I’m sitting at the kitchen table with the dimmer lights down enjoying a cup of tea. Wyatt’s been a major Mommy suck lately. I can’t recall the last time I got this many minutes alone.

But you know…

The second my tea is done I’ll crawl into bed and snuggle in close. Because as much as I appreciate the freedom, I absolutely love my time with my little man.


When I was sick we struggled with the 4 month sleep regression. Even though he was going down earlier, Wyatt was up every 2-3 hours for days on end.  I’m very happy to say I got a few 7 hours stretches over the past few nights (but we all know that it’s never 7 straight hours. I still wake up to check on him). Wyatt will typically sleep until sometime between 8-9am with a few feedings in between usually starting around 3-4am.

We’ve just been honouring Wyatt’s tired cues, but do most babies go to bed earlier? What time did/does your 4.5-5 month old go to sleep?


11 thoughts on “Bedtime routines and Mommy time

  1. Ya for alone time! Haha but snuggles are so much better!! Scarlett goes to bed anywhere from 7:30-8:30, I just look for her cues too. Last night she had her first nighttime feeding at 8 and didn’t wake again till 3:30!!! I hardly even know what to do with myself getting a 5-6 hour stretch of sleep!! It was amazing. 💕


  2. I had always given Calvin a 12 hour night(not that he slept straight through) I was working when he was Wyatt’s age. I had to wake him up at 6, so we put him down for the night at 6, then would dreamfeed 9-10, then just on his cues from there. It sounds like you’re giving Wyatt enough time to sleep, so I wouldn’t worry about what time he actually goes down, as long as he is able(if he chooses) to get a 12 hour stretch. Since I’m at home now, we now do 8-8, but it took me months of slow progress to move it, and day light savings time is coming up:(


  3. This is all totally understandable. I’m glad you’re feeling better finally, and I hope you’re able to continue to get some longer stretches of sleep in there for yourself!


  4. MT has slept or spent 12 consecutive hours (minus nursing interruptions or otherwise) in bed exactly 3 times in his life. Each time he was either completely exhausted from days with no naps and heaps of activity or sick. His bedtime at Wyatts age varied from 9-10 pm. Any earlier and he was up for the day at 5 am. 😦
    Baby A needs bed between 7-8 pm. And he would spend 12 hours in bed easily every night if MT didn’t make that impossible. A gets close to 12 hours or 12+ most nights and just turned 9 months. He was a 12 hour guy with same bedtime (7-8) at Wyatt’s age too.

    I think less important than comparing your baby to others is your sense of how he’s doing. It sounds like he’s doing great and you two and he are or can be flexible enough that sleep schedules should not be a big deal. Lucky for you there’s none of this daylight stupidity time in your province. Grrr! All the best with everything.


  5. Dumplin’ usually asks to go to bed at around 7pm or earlier. He also needs the boob to sleep, but we’re planning on sleep training him soon in preparation for Mochi’s arrival. I’m so jealous of the 7 hour stretches of sleep. Dumplin’ still wakes every 3ish hours to nurse. He also searches for me in his hungry haze, and freaks out if I’m not around. I usually have to escape to be able to get to pee lol.


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