(In)fertility & motherhood: a cycle of emotion

Yesterday, Infertility, why me? posted this video:


I 100% agree with Missy Lanning when she says, “Motherhood started the second I decided to conceive my child. That’s when the love began to form.”

I have never lost a child.

I have never been pregnant.


Deep down in the essence of my soul, I know that I am a mother.

I love my babies, who are not here yet, but will be someday.  

Each month, I feel:

  • Joy as we prepare for ovulation
  • Hope we as we wait out the 2 weeks
  • Grief when the cycle ends unsuccessfully

This wheel of emotion builds my love even stronger.

My heart longs to feel my babies inside me and finally hold them in my arms.

If this month isn’t the month, we will continue to wait until the time is right. And when that time comes, our hearts will overflow.

Momma loves you.



9 thoughts on “(In)fertility & motherhood: a cycle of emotion

  1. You made me want to cry. I agree with that statement fully as well. I feel I’ve been a mother waiting for her children for as long as I can remember. This was a beautiful story, video and post. Thank you.


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