IUI #3 – here we come baby!

CD 11.

My favourite nurse called back yesterday afternoon to tell me to trigger at midnight on Wednesday. Our IUI is scheduled for 1:30pm on Friday – CD 14. The hubs will make his deposit at noon.

I  asked about my lining. She said it was 6.8 (I think) and it was on track for where my follicles are.

I asked her if I could have another ultrasound on Wednesday. God bless her soul, she agreed to try to schedule me one! My joy from feeling like my fertility clinic was, for once, listening to my needs was quickly shattered as Wednesday is my OB/GYN’s hospital day. No 2nd ultrasound this month. Whomp, whomp, whomp.  😦

So I did what any Type A personality would, I went through my past 4 medicated cycles and made a list of follicle sizes and IUI dates.

Month Ultrasound Follicle sizes Ovulation
Dec-13 CD 10 13 CD 15 Natural Ovulation
Jan-14 CD 10 14.5 CD 14 IUI
Feb-14 CD 11 20, 15, 12, 2-11s CD 13 IUI
May-14 CD 10 2-13s, 10 CD 14 IUI

I wish I had written down the entire counts instead of just tracking the largest ones. They always say I have a ton of little follicles as well. Overall, making this list did make me feel reassured that my Friday timing will be fine.

I’m feeling crappy though. I slept on my back instead of my stomach last night. My right ovary is constantly tingly. Oh Clomid – how I missed you – NOT!!!

My OB/GYN and my RE both say that I react strongly to my 50mg dose of Clomid. They are leary to bump me up or try me on anything else. Makes me wonder if I even need these drugs! Bah!

My work colleague told me I should work from home if I’m feeling shitty, but I made myself get up, get dressed, actually do my hair and go into work today. I’m not going to wallow in self-pity at home.

The end goal will be worth it. I just need to put on a façade until then. 


25 thoughts on “IUI #3 – here we come baby!

  1. Good luck! Would have been nice to have a second scan to see how much the follicles have grown. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you and that everything will finally align properly for making a baby! ❤


  2. Everything sounds great! This will be hubby’s first SA after his surgery right?!? I’m excited to see if the numbers go up! Sorry you feel so crappy. It’s “funny” how differently we all respond to the same drug! I take 100 mg, and barely notice a thing!


  3. This could be IT for you guys! As far as injectables go- maybe they’d be worth a shot if you have the coverage? I did well with Femara, and it was a walk in the park compared to the dreaded C word.


  4. GOOD LUCK LADY!!!!!!! I am sending as much fertile thoughts and magic and unicorns as I can! And damn those ovaries for being so sensitive but I am hoping that maybe you won’t have to do another one after this…hoping with literally everything I have!


  5. Oh-me-gosh – we’re having almost identical IUI cycles this time around (although mine is #2) – I, too, triggered on Weds night and had the IUI done on Friday.. Will keep my fingers and toes crossed for both of us!!! Let’s hope this is it, so we can kiss stupid Clomid goodbye!


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