It’s trigger time: game on baby!

CD11. Trigger Day. 

Today, I had my first follicle monitoring ultrasound of this cycle. Back to the OB/GYN since she’s not on vacation anymore. 

And the results are AH-MA-Zing! My left side is dominant this month with a 20 and a 15. My right has a 12 and two 11’s. 

A 20?!?!?! I’ve never seen one that big on an ultrasound yet.

It’s funny how us (in)fertiles are amazed at the biggest little things. 

This month, I got an extra dose of Clomid crazy. My husband is ready to throw the fertility drugs out the window. I have been extremely irritable, emotional, and just downright bitchy. My ovaries are also swollen and sore, almost comparable but not quite as bad as the December cycle. 

I knew there must be a pay off! And it turns out a nice juicy follicle is it! Are follicles juicy? How would you describe them? Lush? Round? bah! whatever. 

I do my HCG trigger shot at midnight tonight. Whoohoo! And for once, I mean WHOHOO! Trigger shots are not comparable to liquor shots, but I’m still excited. Let’s get this show on the road.  

IUI #2 is scheduled for Wednesday. Him at 11am, me at 12:30pm. 

I’m hoping for a easy rest of the week. Work is crazy busy right now, but I’m trying my best to let it go and focus on maintaining a consistent level of sanity. That means: please be nice to me HCG. I know we’ve only met once but why can’t this be a win-win relationship? 

I feel better today, but that’s probably because we have a game plan. 

IUI #2 – here we come! 





Amazon drones will deliver babies?!? I’m in!

For a tech-geek like me, this comic is amusing. Check it out:

This may seem absurd to fertile people, but not to me. Now that we’re moving into IUI, I feel like we’ve entered the “anything goes” territory.

Dildo cam up my vajay-jay 5 X a month? Sure why not! Insert catheter into cervix – a hole that normally only microscopic sperm swim through? Sign me up! Remove all forms of intimacy and turn the conception of my child into a medical procedure? There’s nothing uncomfortable about that! 

I had my second follicle monitoring ultrasound this morning. We have one follicle measuring a ripe 17, and another at 13. Still a few days to go.

I finally spoke to the clinic in Saskatoon. This place really does exist!

Our schedule is:

  • Wednesday December 11 at 10 pm – HCG trigger shot
  • Friday December 13 at 8:00 am – Hubby’s appointment to provide the goods; at 9:45 am – I’m in for IUI.

Since we do not have a fertility clinic in our city, we have to travel 2.5 hours to the nearest clinic. I am so grateful that we got in with a doctor who has a partnership with the clinic = no referral wait list.

Canadian winters are unpredictable. I don’t need to be stranded in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard come appointment time. So, I booked us into the Delta Bessborough the night before. This place reminds me of a castle and I deserve to feel like a princess for at least one night this month.

That leaves us at CD 13. 4 days til IUI.

Wish me luck.

I’m praying for a Christmas miracle.

CD1: now what’s the plan?

Well, my period arrived as expected – right about 5 p.m. yesterday afternoon.

Today is CD1. First cycle of IUI with meds.

I am scheduled for my first follicle monitoring appointment on December 6th or CD10. Isn’t this late to be starting Clomid? 

I am so fucking confused right now.

Mr. Google tells me one thing. I know my body does another (and clearly the doctor too). 

I called the Doctor’s office back for clarification, but the receptionist told me she wasn’t really sure and I should just come in for my appointment and wait for the IUI clinic to call.

How am I supposed to figure out my schedule for the next month?

When will I be done my meds?

When will I take my trigger shot?

When I can expect to have to drive the 2+ hours to the IUI clinic because my lovely city doesn’t offer the procedure?

Oh yeah, I forgot. (In)fertility treatments mean you have no schedule! You can’t plan beyond the next week.

Time to let go of my need to plan. Grrreeat. You think I would have realized this sooner.

I tend to ovulate naturally around CD 19-20. The doc said this will be a medicated cycle with low dose of Clomid and a trigger shot, but does it make sense to start Clomid on CD 10?

Can any one out there help me? If not, I guess I’ll be waiting until my appointment.

I have a reiki session this afternoon that I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO. I need some grounding right now.

Calm that brain down, Lindsey. Relax. A week wait isn’t that long. Throw that need to plan out the window. 

You can do this.