An expression of gratitude

At a wedding last Saturday, I sat beside an acquaintance who I know has done IVF. Little did I know, she’s actually done 6 cycles of IVF! She and her husband are blessed with a son, but they have recently given up on conceiving another child.

Last night, I had a phone chat with a good friend who explained the depth of her fertility journey to me. She has taken the clomid, been through a few rounds of IUI and most recently decided to pull herself off a waiting list for IVF.

I am almost 10 years younger than both of these women. I know I have many years ahead of me, but I want to let these women and everyone else before me know that I thank you for:

  • Leading the way
  • Sharing your story
  • Educating me
  • Giving me hope

Thank you – all of you – for being uncovering your vulnerabilities, surfacing the emotion and being truthful.

Each fertility journey is unique. But together, we can embrace the similarities, discuss the differences and bring comfort to each other.