Learning to slow down

It’s 2:07pm. Wyatt just fell asleep on me… Again!

I’m done with attempting to move him to his bassinet. Why bother when he wakes 5 minutes later crying for me?

I’m embracing that my little man is trying to teach his Momma to appreciate the downtime; to enjoy the stillness.

We spent 4 busy years trying to bring him into this world. Running from appointment to appointment. Working extra hard to make extra money to pay for the treatments, the appointments, the supplements, the gazillion pregnancy tests…

I deserve the break.

Who can really complain if every afternoon entails a cozy nap by the fireplace with Wyatt snuggled into my chest?

I’ve already folded 3 loads of laundry, put another load of diapers in the wash, gone to an acupuncture appointment and managed to eat breakfast and lunch today. That’s enough.

Now is the time to be still, to feel the love and enjoy the comfort.




Tender, loving moments

I’ve found myself occasionally frustrated with my husband since our son arrived into our life.

I saw the hours that we were all home together as an opportunity to get things done and get caught up on housework.  With four hands, surely one us could tend to the baby while the other actually did something productive!

Over the past few days,  my mindset has changed. I’ve started to embrace the slower pace of life that comes with having a newborn. It’s not that the day isn’t filled with activity (feed, burp, change), it’s just that our little guy is the focus. He dictates the schedule.

I’ve also grown to love the snuggles,  the extra suckles and the moments of closeness we share when we aren’t in a hurry to get somewhere or get something done. I’d rather cuddle my baby than rush to get him asleep and put him down.

Those dishes can wait. No one will see that pile of laundry. It will get done. It just doesn’t have to be now.

I’m writing this post from the bath where I’m soaking my still healing perineum. Before I got in the tub,  I peaked in on my husband. He and Wyatt were laying in bed. Wyatt was milk drunk after another feeding, and Mike was lovingly gazing at him.

We don’t need to rush today. We can take it slow. Babies only stay little for so long.

And I’d like all both to experience as many of these moments as possible. ❤