Unsaid words and simple actions

She saw my Facebook post. My subtle, yet not-so-subtle, tribute to my daughter on the one-year anniversary of the day we lost her.

That’s the only way she knows what’s happening in my life – through what very little I post on Facebook.

She sent me a text.

I’m thinking about you today and how far you have come this past year and soon you will be a mother.” 

I thanked her for her kind words, but she didn’t realize how much they sliced my heart open.

I replayed them over and over again in my head.

…soon you will be a mother“.

She doesn’t get it…

and she most likely never will.

I know her intentions were sincere, but she still can’t acknowledge our daughter.

Let it go, Lindsey. There’s no point. 

You can only get through to those who want to understand.

That night, her son – my husband – told me we had something else to do before bed.

Huh? What could that be?

Let’s start a new tradition“, he said. “Tonight, we will light this together for our Angel and she will watch over us.”

He handed me a lit match and lit one for himself.

We lit the candle together, then crawled into bed.

How did I manage to find a man like him?

My heart exploded with love and gratitude. Such a simple action meant so much to me.

He gets it. And that’s enough for me.


They are not gone but souls turned to light