Fertilization Report – Day 1

The embryologist called this morning. Out of our 29 retrieved eggs, 13 fertilized. 

Our protocol was half IVF, half ISCI. 

9 fertilized via ISCI

4 fertilized via regular IVF

There were a few immature eggs in the mix and 1 abnormal egg that she tossed aside. 

The embryologist mentioned that she thinks motility may have been an issue. She also said that they leave the regular IVF for another day to see if there are any late fertilizers. 

I was feeling really good this morning, but now I’m a bit sore especially when I pee or fart. TMI? Oh come on! There’s no TMI with fertility treatments. 

I’m seriously going to pick up a stool softener tomorrow as I’m backed up and I think that may be contributing to the soreness. Yes, yes, I know you all told me to do this beforehand. 

Today, I started a new medication regime to prepare for transfer: 

  • Estrace – 2 pills 2x day
  • Prometrium – 1 pill orally 2x day
  • 1 Progeterone in Oil (PIO) shot every morning until 9 weeks (my husband kindly reminded me 55 more shots to go!)

I’m still taking Doxycyline and Dostinex until they run out. 

We are aiming for a 5 day transfer.

Here’s hoping the rest of the weeks continues to go smoothly.