Post partum recovery: 15 weeks later

My post partum body is slowly getting back to normal (?). I question this as I don’t even know what normal is anymore after fertility treatments, laparoscopy surgery and deliverying a 9lb baby. 

My back is FUCKED from breastfeeding/carrying baby/sleeping. I never had lower back issues until I got pregnant. Some days it causes me just as much grief as my upper back/shoulders. I try to get to the chiro and go for a massage once or twice a month if possible. Mommy Baby yoga has been helping everything stretch and fall back into place though. I’m also hoping to begin my at home yoga practise again too.

Two weeks ago, I went to a physio appointment to get my pelvic floor checked. As you may recall, I went regularly during pregnancy as my constant puking led to constant peeing. In the third trimester, we had things working well and I was no long peeing myself each time I heaved. In retrospect, I think we may have overtightened my muscles down there as Wyatt’s head wouldn’t come out during delivery.

Now, I’ve got quite a bit of tension in my perineum and my scar tissue from my episiotomy/tear is hard and tight. My super awesome physiotherapist moved to another city just before I had Wyatt. Her replacement is a nice gal, but she is much more docile. I’m more of a “let’s cut to the chase and get this over with” kind of patient. After a very quick check, she suggested I try some self-massage at home. Now, let me just say pelvic floor massage is ANYTHING but sexual or comfortable. On top of that, when the hell is a new Mom supposed to find time to engage in an intimate procedure such as massaging her vaginal walls while focusing on breathing and releasing her pelvic floor tension? Well… I guess if I wasn’t blogging right now I could be doing it! haha 

I tried the other night in the bath, but 5 minutes later, Mike was standing outside the bathroom door with a fussy baby. 😐

I wasn’t surprised when my pelvic floor was tight. I’ve noticed lots of tension in my neck/jaw lately and they say the two are connected. I’m hoping now that Wyatt is bigger, I can find some more comfortable nursing positions and use my yoga/stretching to keep my neck/shoulders/back in alignment.

The most noticeable changes in my body have been wider hips, a more jiggly belly, my tiger stripes and dry hair. The hair has thrown me. I use to have more oily hair, but now it’s like I could go a week without a wash. I also had the most perfect skin when I was pregnant, but I’ve had a few hormonal breakouts over the past month. My acupuncturist says this is all normal and it’s almost like my body is detoxing. I guess my “food bags” (that one was for you Sharla! haha) are also saggier, but it’s hard to compare when they are filled with milk.

I don’t mind my post partum body though. I kinda like the softness and subtleness of it all. I’m happy to be a Mom even with all the aches and pains…. except for maybe the hemmorhoids. They could F-off any time now.

I’m still maintaining my post partum weight of about 10-15 lbs down from where I was pre-pregnancy. My weight is seriously the last thing on my mind these days. I’d rather eat when I’m hungry and ensure I have enough nourishment for myself and my baby. He doesn’t care if my ass jiggles and I sometimes think he prefers my pudginess as it gives him a warm, soft place to snuggle into. ❤





6 weeks postpartum

Wyatt is 6 weeks old. My oh my! How the time flies!

You spend so many years wishing and wanting for this baby. Once they are here, you blink and they are already so big compared to when you first laid eyes on them. I keep wondering how fast his childhood will go by. I don’t want it to go by fast, but it just seems like each day moves so quickly.

Wyatt is still doing awesome. My little milk monster eats well and is gaining weight. He’s recently grown a cute little double chin. A week and a half ago, he was already over 12 pounds and had grown 1.5 inches since birth. He graduated from newborn sizes by week 2. He is already moving up from 0-3 months to 3-6 months in some brands of sleepers. I say sleepers because let’s get real here: who really dresses their kid? Wyatt has worn “real clothes” maybe a handful of times.

As for me, my lady bits are doing much better. I’m still battling the dreaded hemorrhoids and I’ve got a ways to go until the perineum is 100%, but we are making progress. I’ve also come down with bacterial vaginosis which is lovely (meaning: itchy, red and smelly – LOVELY!). My naturopath has hooked me up with some probiotic suppositories and it should be cleared up in no time. I’ve never had this before, but I guess it makes sense after all the hormonal changes, frequent bathing, trauma and transition that my vajay-jay has gone through. :/ My poor vagina. 

As for embracing motherhood, it has come easily and brings me so much satisfaction. I love breastfeeding especially the bonding that comes from it. I’m still not pumping, but I’m ok with that. I love my baby and if exclusively breastfeeding works for us, I’ll keep at it. I have no trouble busting out the boob at my close friend’s houses, but I still cover up in front of my husband’s male relatives (especially my FIL and my husband’s Uncles). I wish breastfeeding without being covered was more of “the norm”, but many folks in my husband’s family are old fashioned in a very modest sense. I hope in a few months to not care as much what other people think and be willing to just let it all out to make it easier for both Wyatt and I. I haven’t breastfeed in public without a cover yet, but I am looking forward to the sense of freedom I will get once I get there.

My biggest challenge still remains embracing a slower pace of life that is based on baby’s schedule. For example: Tonight I hoped to make a fresh stir fry for supper, but Wyatt cluster fed all late afternoon. No stir fry was made. My husband picked up take out. Going with the flow is necessary with a newborn. My expectations can’t be so high of myself or the state of my household. I have to constantly remind myself that it’s ok to spread my to-do list out over a longer period of time. I saw this on Facebook yesterday and it spoke to me:

So you didn’t get much accomplished today, You ran the washing machine a few times today , but barely got one load finished, because you kept forgetting to take the load out of the washer so you ran the same load three times. All baby wanted to do today was nurse and sleep, but the problem was anytime you tried to escape the sleeping baby, it’s like some alarm goes off and baby instantly wakes back up, so you stop fighting it, and decide to nap with baby. You take a good look around your house and think, “How can I be this tired and still have it look like I got nothing done today?” Then you look down at your happy baby who is giggling and cooing and you soon realize , “But I did get a ton done today! My baby is happy, fed, & content. Clean nappy & full belly of my milk because I made sure to eat extra snacks so I could produce that milk. I may have neglected some of my chores, but all of that can wait because my baby needs me today.” I am my baby’s food source, comfort, sleep aid, & even though baby takes up most of my day I wouldn’t have it any other way!
From- A mom who gets it-

So, that’s where I’m at. Trying to enjoy and embrace each moment with my son while he’s still little. We waited so long to get here. I have every right to enjoy it. ❤






2 weeks postpartum

Wyatt is 2 weeks and 2 days old. Seriously, how have 2 weeks gone by already?

Initially, I thought he looked a lot like me. Since I got a copy of his Dad’s baby photo, I’m beginning to think he looks a lot more like him. What do you think?


Mom (top left), Dad (bottom left), Wyatt (right)


Breastfeeding is still going well. My little milk monster loves to eat. His large size at birth means that he’s not really eating like a newborn would. During the day,  we go 2-3 hours between feeds. At night,  I’m very happy to say it’s been 3-4 hours. We’ve had two full days of cluster feeding and he also has been cluster feeding the past few evenings. He also loves to use the nipple to soothe himself or put himself to sleep. We caved and gave him a soother to allow my breasts to have a break.

My nipples are in decent shape. My left boob is a bit sore, but I haven’t figured out what it may be yet (no signs of mastitis or a clogged duct). Potential for thrush, but my doctor didn’t think it was that today. I tend to have sharp pains during and after feedings, but it more commonly happens in the evenings. It also is sore if I push on the left side of it. I can’t feel any hard bits and it’s not red or hot. It didn’t seem as sore today, so I’ll see how it goes.

Right boob is fine though.


Passed out milk drunk – look at those hands!


Wyatt is still co-sleeping with us and Oliver the cat. The dogs have been moved to their room in the basement for sleeping. I’d like to gradually re-introduce them to the bedroom, but for now, it’s easier if they are separate. Oliver loves his baby but keeps a safe distance. They have this mutual respect thing going on.

I absolutely love co-sleeping. There’s nothing quite like waking up and seeing your baby right there beside you.

As for my energy level, I crashed this past weekend. On Friday, the lack of sleep finally hit me. Wyatt and I had a 2 hour afternoon nap in the recliner by the fireplace. On Saturday, I had 2 naps while Daddy was home. I find I’m stubborn and I tend to try to get things done while baby sleeps rather than sleeping myself. That being said, I also feel like I don’t have much of a need to nap since I am lucky enough to get 6+ hours of broken up sleep a night.


Cuddled up on Daddy


We’ve had a few friends pop by to visit. I really appreciate it when people come for a shorter time period (1-2 hours). Another friend brought us another batch of lactation cookies and supper yesterday. That – by far – is the best kinda of visit. 🙂

My mom, my sister and my nephew are flying into town this weekend. My Mom will be here for 6 days. My sister is just here for the weekend. I hope it goes well. I’m looking forward to having the extra hands. It made such a difference when Mike was home this weekend.


I’m feeling better. My stitches are still there, but less sore. I definitely do have hemorrhoids and they are super close to my stitches where I tore. I spoke with my GP today and she said I could use hemmorhoid cream. I also bought those Tucks pads. Prior to this, I’ve just been using my perineum spray and padsicles. I also notice a HUGE difference if I don’t bath at least 2-3x a day and use my perineum spray for every trip to the washroom. Also, I can’t sit on my ass for long periods of time or else it will be super sore as the day goes on. It’s definitely hard to feed a newborn laying down all the time. I try to recline and take as much weight as possible off my perineum/rear end.

Baby’s progress

Wyatt is growing and growing. He had his 2 week doctor check-up today. I think (because they didn’t tell me directly) that he grew 1 inch since his birth and he’s gained about 1 lb over the past a week and a half. She said he’s in the 100th percentile for height and 75th for weight. She also laughed at how he gobbles up his milk, then comes up for air. I feel for the poor kid with Momma’s gianormous ta-tas to deal with! I try to free his little nose when I can. My doctor is a very big promoter of breastfeeding. They didn’t book anyone in the room for 45 minutes after me so that I could feed and change him if I needed to (which I did). I thought that was really supportive of them.

His blocked tear duct cleared up with breastmilk and following a chiropractor adjustment. We saw the chiro on Friday. He was slightly out of alignment in his neck and one spot on his back. Baby’s don’t get cracked at his age. It’s basically like a massage for them.

The public health nurse called today and offered to come out one more time. I may take her up on her offer just to get a definite on his weight and get her opinion on my left boob. I’m confident he’s getting enough to eat as he has PLENTY of wet/dirty diapers. Mike was shocked how many we went through on Saturday when I assigned him on diaper duty for the morning.

Overall, life is good. I love my little man and we are settling in nicely. ❤


Naptime on the recliner with Momma