Longing to be an infertility unicorn

An infertility unicorn is a woman whose story gives hope to so many other struggling women. She’s the woman who – just when she was about to run out of money, hope, strength and actual eggs – magically conceives naturally and goes on to give birth to a beautiful miracle baby.

The irony of the infertility unicorn is that very few people have actually known one… except for the know-it-all fertiles who relentlessly give you advice like “just relax”. They always seem to know an infertility unicorn… 


Have you ever thought that maybe YOU could be that miracle story?

Well, this month I secretly hoped I would.

I tracked my ovulation based on my typical cycle and body signs.

When it was prime time, I unleashed my inner seductress.

*cue your fav early 90s R&B jams mixed with a little Marvin Gaye”

I specifically chose what we would watch on Netflix based on the show’s sexual content.

I shaved my legs, showered and didn’t pick my zits before coming to bed.

I even offered a BJ to get him in the mood. Yes, this was a special treat. My BJ quota has been low lately as we all know blow jobs don’t make babies. 🙂 

We did it in the night.

We did it in the morning.

Hell, we even did it twice once day.

I effectively seduced my husband without him even realizing what time of the month it was.

Passionate love. Increased intimacy. Mind-blowing orgasms.

He was stress free and spent, while I lay there visualizing his fierce sperm meeting my luscious egg.

All signs pointed to conceiving our miracle baby.

I was going to be the next infertility unicorn!!!

Well, maybe not…

It’s CD 26. The usual pre-period signs have made their appearance specifically slightly brown tinged cervical mucus.

No miracles here folks…. except for the miracle of science!

Bring it Aunt Flo! Onwards towards our FET cycle!