A rant about making babies on vacation

Twice in the past two weeks, I’ve had people say to me, “We hope to make Baby #2 on our upcoming vacation“.


Why do fertiles always think that it’s THAT easy?

Both of these couples did get pregnant with Baby #1 their first month trying, but still…

I highly doubt either one understands the ovulation process.

There’s no guarantee their vacations will fall during prime fertile time.

And why would you feel the need to proclaim your initiation into the second round of baby making??? ESPECIALLY to (in)fertile me!!!!

I always hope for the best when anyone is trying to conceive, but it’s statements like this that add to the stigma around relaxation being a key component for fertility.

I get that a calm, serene environment can be perfect for conception, but the only vacation I’ll be making a baby on is the trip to my fertility clinic… and that’s hardly a vacation.

So next time you are thinking of taking a vacation to conceive your child, FUCK OFF and keep it to yourself.

Thank you. 🙂