All systems are a go: IVF stimming begins tonight

I just received an email from my nurse saying that my blood work and ultrasound results are good.

We can start stimming tonight! 

I’m not even on hormones and this almost made me cry! I’m just so excited to get the ball rollin’. 

As I mentioned in My IVF Protocol, I’m starting off with 225 IU of Puregon and 75 IU of Repronex. 

Since we are remote, our clinic gave me the following instructional videos to watch: 

I can also call my nurse directly tonight if I have any questions. Yes, this is one thing I love about our clinic. It’s very personal and someone is ALWAYS available to help you. 

I’ve heard that it helps to ice before the Repronex. 

Do any of you IVF experts have any other injection advice?