Question, question, question

After an utterly confusing day yesterday, I called the fertility clinic this morning and left a message for the doctor to call me. 

She returned my call a few minutes later and apologized. She realized the mistake and had a note on my file to call me today. 

After work, I am going to the pharmacy to pick up my Clomid and HCG trigger shot. I start Clomid tomorrow on CD3. 

My advice for others: DON’T BE ASHAMED TO ASK QUESTIONS!

If something doesn’t feel right or you need more information, pester them until you get it. I find, in most offices, only one receptionist knows what the hell is going on. Try to talk to them or ask to leave a message for the doctor directly. 

It’s your body. It’s your babies. It’s your future.

We all know this is a numbers and a timing game.

Ask those questions until you feel comfortable with the answer!