A clean start to a new year

My nesting instinct hasn’t really disappeared since having Wyatt.  That or maybe I just prefer organization when life is constantly changing these days? Either way, I’ve been on a mission to organize when I’m able to find the time (which usually means on weekends when Daddy is home to watch Wyatt between feedings).

During our babywearing spree last week, I decided to bake cookies. But, it was quite difficult to lean over and get my baking supplies out of the bottom corner cupboard where I’ve stored them since we moved into this house 5 years ago. I love baking, but haven’t done much of it in this house. I’ve always wanted to turn our kitchen closet into more of a pantry. I finally convinced my husband to help me with this on Sunday .

We replaced the previous shelving and hooks with a large metal storage rack that we purchased at Home Depot. I am a big Tupperware fan and had most of my baking goods in Modular Mates (particularly due to a mouse problem one winter, but that’s another story). Anyway, I’m super happy with the end result.



I’m not done organizing the kitchen. I will move things around since I’ve got so much more cupboard space now, but it definitely feels like an easier space to work with.

My goal is to move onto my home office next. It’s kinda been the random dumping room since we had the baby. I’d like to turn it back into the sacred space it was before I started working from home. I will use it as my sanctuary during my time off work – where I can escape for a few minutes to write and create.

I also have the urge to continuously purge and lessen the load of items within our home. Since Wyatt has already outgrown all his newborn and size 0-3 clothes, I packed away what we will keep and posted a few different lots for sale on our local classifieds. I’ve also ditched a few pregnancy or Mommy items – like the Hooter hider. 😉 In retrospect, it’s been really quite interesting to see how many baby items they market to new parents and what you actually need. We would definitely do things differently if we are blessed to have a second child.

I am working through a program right now about healing after birth. I think my decluttering and organizing and purging of materialistic items also relates to all of the emotional baggage I’ve been releasing since we started this fertility journey. My spiritual midwife, who is an absolutely wonderful woman, has encouraged me to not feel guilty about releasing or letting go of items. Each and every item we bring into our life, much like people, holds energy. If I don’t feel like an item is serving it’s purpose or it doesn’t resonate with me any more, I have every  right to let it go.

Organization brings me joy. I love order, but having a new baby can be chaotic. Taking part in these small rituals helps me to maintain some control when life is so unpredictable right now. Each time I purge, I feel lighter. I can breath easier. My thoughts are clearer. If it feels right, it must be doing some good. I’m reclaiming my space as I work on reclaiming this new body, new identity and new life of mine.

It’s a fresh and clean start to a new year. 🙂






The start of mothering and healing

Where has the time gone? I’ve been trying to write a post for a while now, but getting two hands on my laptop at once is difficult these days. I’m writing this post at 5:30 am on my cell phone in the bath tub. Mike made me go to bed early last night. I’ve already had 6 hours of (interrupted) sleep even though I’ve been up for an hour and a half. My body and mind are wide awake. It’s funny how you adjust.

Wyatt is already over 5 weeks old. The longest stretch he’s gone between feedings at night is 6.5 hours; although, we average about 3. He’s a nighthawk like his Momma. He prefers to go to bed later at like 11pm and sleep in until 9 am (with feedings in between). We’re trying to get him to bed earlier though.

He’s been on a nap strike for the past few days. He clings to me and doesn’t want to be put down. For two days, he didn’t have a decent nap (translation: more than 10 minutes) until 3pm. Yesterday, I’ve found success by putting him in my new Ergobaby carrier. I picked it up last night. Another couple purchased it by didn’t use it. It still even had the tags on. I tried a Boba stretchy wrap, but little man hates being confined and needs his arms out. He’s not a swaddler at all. I also tried a Beco (original model). I bought it used for an extremely good deal, but the shoulder straps kept falling off after multiple adjustments. It just wasn’t the right fit for me. I hope the Ergo is the one.

Wyatt is still a milk monster. He loves to eat and I’m grateful that my supply is good. My left nipple is still bothering me. I’ve been experiencing vasopasms from poor latch. Changing positions has helped (football works best). I was exhausted the other night and let him eat in the side lying position in bed. He went to town on it after I fell asleep and it’s sore again. I might stop in at a local lactation clinic this week and see if they have any additional advice.

As for me, my lady bits are STILL healing. The stitches are almost gone, but I’ve still got a few. I’ve notice the most progress this week, but it still gets sore and itchy. I had a reaction earlier this week where I sprayed perenium spray too soon after using Anusol. My entire ass crack was red and burning. I decided to avoid the use of any product for a week and the healing has sped up. My reccomendation for others who experience a similar episiotomy and tear is to keep it clean and dry. Bath a few times a day. Use a perenium spray early on if it’s too dry and the stitches are pulling, but your healing will speed up if you let nature take its course.

As for the past few weeks, I’m adjusting well to motherhood. The biggest challenge has been accepting a slower pace of life (and the fact that my once spotless house is now a clutter zone). Wyatt determines the schedule and sometimes Momma won’t be able to get done what she hoped to that day. Overall, my son is such a content little baby. He only fusses if he’s hungry, wet or needs a burp – and I’m very grateful for this!

Wyatt was a bit gassy this week. I’m going to eliminate a few foods this next week and see if a can determine which caused it (Dairy? Tomatoes? Chocolate?). I haven’t been good at following my own food aversions lately. Fixing the diet should fix the tummy for both of us.

One funny thing about Wyatt is he hates being in a wet diaper and it’s even worse if it’s a disposable. I finally got him into cloth diapers for 2 days last week. He didn’t fuss as much if his cloth diaper was wet.

As for the cloth, I’m finding the most luck with my Prefolds or Hybrid styles. I have some Bummis Prefolds, but my husband hates folding and how bulky they are. They are fine for when I’m home alone with the little man. The huge lot of used diapers I bought contained both Flip Hybrids and BumGenius Pockets in both snaps and aplex (velcro). All the reviews you read online say that BumGenius fit awesome and velcro can give you a tighter fit than snaps. Well, that’s not the case for me. The Velcro BumGenius are too big in the legs for Wyatt. I even tried a brand new diaper to see if maybe the replaced elastic was still too stretched. I am finding luck with my Flip covers and liners, and some of the BumGenius pockets with snaps. I’m going to hang onto the Velcro pockets and see if he grows into them, but if not, I’ll just resell them. I scoured the Black Friday sales and managed to find a great deal on 2 more Flip covers and 2 more sets of liners. Since those fit the best, we will go with it for now. I actually think I’m going to use cloth wipes at home too. I’m picking up a purchased but never actually used wipes warmer later this week. yes, I’m a sucker for watching the online used baby ads. Seriously, you can save a fortune by buying gently used items!

My mom and my sister came for a visit when Wyatt was 3 weeks old. I don’t want to get into how horribly wrong it went, but I’ll just say that I have some work to do on healing my relationship with my Mother. And I think I’ve finally come to a place of completely letting go of my very broken relationship with my sister. It’s all for the best.

Oh and… my fertile brother and his wife are expecting Baby #2. This wasn’t a surprise to us, but it did stir up my fear and anxieties around what it may take for us to have a second child.

I’ve decided to work with a intituive midwife from New Zealand who helps women heal from birth trauma. I stumbled upon her online and was drawn to her program as it appeared to have similarities to the fertility coaching I had done. I didn’t realize Wyatt’s birth had affected me negatively until I started feeling uneasy about my perineum healing. I kept replaying this image of my baby being ripped from my vagina over and over again in my head. I feel disconnected from my sexuality and sensuality, but I know that can take some time for a new Mom to regain it. I’m feeling encouraged to put myself out there again, dig deep into the issues and sort out how I’m feeling. There’s also deep connections between a woman’s birth experience and her own relationship with her Mother. I think it’s perfect timing for me to explore that.

I was concerned about cost of the program and being on maternity leave, but the universe has unveiled some positive signs that we can make it work. My husband had a better year on the farm than he expected and offered me some funds. And the cost of the healing program just went on promotion! Besides, I’m a firm believer than self healing and growth is always a good investment. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes once the program starts.