I called my clinic back this morning at 9:30am. Left another message on the nurses line. 

At 10:30 am, I received a call back that yes, my blood work was negative. Epic fail. 

My intuition was right AGAIN this cycle.

I spoke with the nurse about why I never received a call yesterday. She’s not sure. Are you fucking kidding me? I told her I left a voicemail in the afternoon yesterday. She thinks somehow it got lost in the mix of things. Since they didn’t receive my voicemail, they didn’t check to see if my results were in and therefore, didn’t call. She apologized. 

Right after I hung up, another nurse from the same clinic called to ensure I had received a call back. Fuck do you people have any clue what’s going on there? 

I’m not feeling very confident in our clinic. This is the second fuck up with them. We’ve decided we will do 1, maybe 2 more IUIs. If we have to move to IVF, we are going to consider going to another clinic (meaning: flying to another clinic since the one we are dealing with is the only semi-local one). 

I took my last progesterone suppository last night. I’ve had some cramping, but no spotting and no period yet. What’s the average wait for a period after progesterone?