Maternity photo shoot

This past Sunday, we were fortunate enough to have my good friend’s sister take maternity photos for us. The location was an old farm yard that my husband’s family owns. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.


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If you are ever looking for a photographer in Saskatchewan, check out Jamie Britton Photography.

Thanks Jamie for capturing such a special time for us. ❤


35 week bumpdate

How Far Along: 35 weeks and 5 days

Meds: All taken daily – prenatal vitamin, Omega 3 + DHA, Ranitidine (2x/day), Magnesium (250mg at bedtime as per my chiro’s recommendation), Gaviscon for heartburn as required (which is OFTEN!).

Baby is the size of: a bunch of carrots or a honeydew melon

Best Moments This Week:

  • Finding out our mobile FINALLY shipped!
  • I’ve become a bath addict. I have a warm bath first thing every morning to loosen up my back/pelvis
  • Our maternity photo shoot on Sunday. A friend’s sister asked if she could take photos of us to build her portfolio. Can’t wait to see them.

Total Weight Gain: actual weigh in this morning put me at a total of 15.6 lbs

Maternity Clothes: I caved and bought a new maternity dress off the sale rack at Motherhood Maternity for our maternity photos this past weekend. I attempted to wear jeans, but there is NO WAY they will fit me right now. My bump is too low. They ended up giving me an awkward double bump. It’s sweat pants and maxi skirts til the end.


  • Sore hips/lower back/pelvis – I just had 3 of the worst days yet. I had major lower back (SI joint) pain and front pelvic pain. A visit to the chiro barely did anything. She says most pregos are loose and their issue is falling out of place; whereas, my body just likes to lock up in the wrong position. I’m finding some relief today after using the heating pad, doing the exercises from the video below and a ton of stretching last night.
  • Leaky boobs
  • Constipation. I increased my magnesium to hopefully help get things moving.
  • Tired – oh so tired! Where is my energy spurt? 
  • Lots of bruises on my legs from clumsiness + low iron

Sleep: Not comfortable at all any more. My belly feels so heavy when I turn over. I get up to pee like every hour or two.

Food Cravings: Water! So thirsty these days! I’ve been craving salad again too.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I puked from the smell of pepperoni sticks, but otherwise I’ve been good lately.

Movement: He’s active. Moving all around.

Stretch Marks: Ain’t no denying I’ve got tiger stripes. Still using BioOil especially because they get itchy!

Baby Bump: Growing and growing…

Gender: BOY

Labour Signs: Braxton Hicks have increased. Baby seems lower again this week. It’s almost like I could hold up my belly when I walk. No spotting or anything though. I am hoping he comes early. 37-38 weeks would be nice. 🙂

Belly Button In or Out?: Innie, but not much left.

Wedding Rings on or off?: Off but I wore them for our maternity shoot on Sunday. I may be able to fit them again now that it’s cooling off.

Happy or Moody?: After going to that meditation last week, I’ve been doing well. I get moody when I get overtired though. I’ve been feeling really low energy though. I went crazy last month to prepare for baby and the past week I’ve barely done anything (not that I have much left to do). I’ve only got my hospital bag 1/2 packed. :/

Purchases for baby:

  • No purchases from Mommy and Daddy, but we did receive some bath toys and clothes from my husband’s Aunt.

Purchases for Momma: 

  • A maternity dress

Miss Anything?: Sleep, energy

Looking forward to:

  • Being off work. At the recommendation of my chiro, I decided to ditch out 3 days early. My last official day is next Friday September 25 (instead of Wed, Sept 30)
  • Our local Perinatal Loss Awareness Walk on October 3rd (as long as baby stays in til then)
  • The actual arrival of our little man

Maternity leave decision made

Yesterday, I went on a rant about my husband’s work schedule change and how it was affecting my decision for the length of my maternity leave.

Ironically enough, this morning I had a to-do flagged in my calendar to update my wait list position at a few local daycares. When I first called to get myself on the wait lists, they asked me to call back every 6 months to confirm.

I asked the YMCA what the likelihood of having a part-time infant spot open up would be and they told me they don’t even do part-time! I pulled up a list of other licensed/non-licensed home daycares to see who in my area offers infant care. The list was very limited. I also contacted another very reputable licensed daycare that told me they don’t accept children til 18 months.

As I kept going, I felt myself having what I think was the start of a panic attack. My chest and back felt tight. I had a hard time breathing. I took off my belly band and loosened my sweater. I walked away from the computer and took a few deep breaths.

I see this as a sign. If I am reacting this strongly, then I need to stand up for myself right now. At 35 weeks pregnant, I don’t need to be making decisions about returning to work when my baby hasn’t even arrived yet!

I crunched some numbers last night and determined that returning to work a few months early for 20 hours a week wouldn’t even be worth it due to the hourly rate of part-time childcare. I might as well stay off.

I don’t need any added stress right now and this topic clearly stresses me out! It’s hard to be a working woman in today’s society. Business is business driven. Maternity leave is an inconvenience for businesses. I feel pressure to give my employer an answer I’m not ready to provide.

In the end, my husband and I have come to the conclusion that:

  • I can not commit to returning early without knowing how the baby will be and having secured childcare.
  • I will return to work after 10 months (mid-August 2016).
  • My husband will take the last 2 months as parental leave (mid-August to mid-October 2016)
  • Childcare will present itself when the timing is right. We will look into a variety of options towards the end of maternity leave (i.e. part-time nanny, full-time nanny, daycare).

*deep breath*

It will all work out.

For other working moms out there, thought you might find this funny: The awkward realities of working and breastfeeding