33 week bumpdate

How Far Along: 33 weeks and 6 days

Meds: All taken daily – prenatal vitamin, Omega 3 + DHA, Ranitidine (2x/day), Magnesium (250mg at bedtime as per my chiro’s recommendation), Gaviscon for heartburn as required (which is OFTEN!).

Baby is the size of: a cauliflower or a honeydew melon

Best Moments This Week:

  • The nesting continues… All of a sudden, I enjoy doing laundry??? This is insane!
  • Receiving our rocking chair, diaper pail and a few baby gifts in the mail
  • Re-arranging the nursery (AGAIN!) and figuring out where to hang the art

Total Weight Gain: a total of 12.6 lbs- I did weigh myself earlier in the 33rd week and I wasn’t up at all?? I have the OB on Friday, so we will see what his scale says.

Maternity Clothes: I live in stretchy cotton. I feel like a stereotypical Mom already. Most days, all I wear is stretchy comfy clothes, a pony tail and no make up. I really need to plan a date night with my husband before baby comes where we can go out and I can feel “normal” again.


  • Low iron = tired – I find I am still physically tired, but I have a burst of mental energy this week
  • Peeing constantly
  • Sore hips/lower back – especially when sleeping
  • Carpal tunnel in my right wrist – this has significantly reduced, but is starting to come back. I would like to attribute the reduction in fluid to acupuncture,,, and the return to the hot temps we’ve had this week. 😦 I still have to wear my brace at night, but I can get away without it for most of the day.

Sleep: Not comfortable at all anymore. My belly just feels big and heavy. I pee constantly. I find myself waking up on my back often – except my pillow fort means my back is elevated at least 45 degrees. It’s almost like sleep-sitting.

Food Cravings: Ice cold water! I am so thirsty these days.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing new this week. Had a few acid reflux pukes.

Movement: Lots of hiccups. Not as much movement at night. He seems to be awake during the day more now.

Stretch Marks: Yup – moving higher up now.

Baby Bump: Growing and growing… I didn’t darken my hair. It’s just wet in the 2nd photo. 


Gender: BOY

Labour Signs: Nothing yet except maybe a few Braxton Hicks.

Belly Button In or Out?: Innie, but not much depth left.

Wedding Rings on or off?: Off due to the heat.

Happy or Moody?: I’ve noticed I’m a bit more emotional. Thinking about certain things will bring tears to my eyes. Overall, I’m in a fairly balanced mood though.

Purchases for baby:

  • Drapes for the nursery
  • A way too expensive Blue Jays knit hat from Etsy. My husband has been searching for newborn Jays gear, but a lot of it is sold out due to their winning streak. We decided to splurge on this hat and use it for our newborn photos.
  • A 2nd car seat base for our Chicco Keyfit 30 – purchased used from a couple who rarely used it.

Purchases for Momma: 

  • A maternity sweater used for $5
  • More Gaviscon (HAHA!)

Miss Anything?: Sleeping comfortably, not having sore hips/pelvis, no heartburn/acid reflux, being able to receive a hug without my belly getting in the way. My husband keeps joking he has to lean in extra far to kiss me. Isn’t that ironic? Kids always getting in the way of intimacy. 😀

Looking forward to:

  • Receiving our mobile
  • Being off work in 4 weeks WHOHOO!
  • My OB appointment on Friday
  • The long weekend

Pelvic pain update

Well… I find this post ironic due to all of My Perfect Breakdown‘s talk about self-care lately and TheBarrenLibrarian‘s suggestion to find the happy medium.

I honestly think I have not been listening to my body. Yesterday, I spent way too many consecutive hours sitting in front of the computer. Yes, I may have switched to my exercise ball rather than my office chair, but when the damage is done, it’s done. I’ve known for quite a few days now that my back/pelvis were tightening up, but I wasn’t doing enough to prevent it.

In the afternoon, I wrapped by belly using my Boba wrap (similar to the Moby) as suggested by DrunkStorks. I followed this video:

Last night, I went for a walk. As much as it was cumbersome and achey at first, it actually helped to loose up the tightness I was experiencing in the front of my pelvis.

I also checked out the Spinning Babies website as per SpiritBabyComeHome’s recommendation to use the rebozo.  Since I didn’t have a rebozo, my husband and I tried the rebozo sifting exercise using the Boba wrap. It worked alright. He could use a bit more practice though. I also did the forward leaning inversion. I highly recommend having a spotter because I don’t know how I would have gotten out of this pose without my husband’s help! After that, I just sat on my birth ball rotating my hips.

Was I still sore after sleeping this morning? Yes, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been.

I’ve decided to follow the daily activities listed on Spinning Babies which include:

  • Walk every day
  • Do a forward-leaning inversion
  • Follow optimal maternal positioning
  • Stretch
  • PSOAS release
  • Hip openers
  • Pelvic tilts
  • Rest smart
  • Relax

Each pose or activity includes instructions and recommendations for when it’s best for you (meaning you don’t HAVE to do everything every day!)

I’m also going to keep up (and possibly increase the frequency) of my regularly scheduled appointments: chiro, massage, physio and acupuncture.

In the end, it all comes down to self-care. I need to take more time to listen to my body and do what it needs to relax and release. It’s all for the greater good. If Mom’s body is loose, baby should have an easier time coming out.

Thanks to everyone for all your amazing suggestions. I love the power this community has. ❤

Pain in the… ?

WARNING: This is going to be a complaining/inquiring about pregnancy symptoms post. If you don’t want to read that, feel free to move on. 🙂

For the past week or so now, I’ve had horrible lower back pain at night. Doesn’t matter if I sleep on my left side, my right side or my back, it doesn’t go away.

The past two days, I’ve noticed pain in my front pelvic area when I get up from sitting or when I’m walking.

I also have an increased sense of heaviness in my pelvis that makes me wonder if my little man has started dropping?

Last night I had a bath and did a few exercises that my Physiotherapist recommended. NOTHING seemed to help. I was just as sore when I got in the bath as I was when I got out. The water was soothing, but didn’t take the aches away.

I’ve also been confused as to whether I have mild cramping or if that’s just the pelvic muscles being sore? Maybe it’s just that constant dull ache in my lower back reminds me of pre-period cramps?

Is this pelvic girdle pain? Does anyone have any experience or tips to alleviate the symptoms?