The poop chronicles

This afternoon, I experienced some backlog in my back end. After I refilled my Zofran,  I didn’t take my Restorolax for a few days as I still had normal movement. BIG MISTAKE!

I started drinking it again over the past two days, but was still experiencing constipation.

This afternoon,  I managed to find some relief using a suppository. I still felt like there was more up there, so I put in a second one hoping it would clean me out good. The thing is: it didn’t. Normally,  I go within a matter of minutes. I forgot about it and went on with my day. 

I’m currently at the airport heading on a business trip. I brought my Restorolax along in my carry-on which is just a small jar of powder. Well the scanner picked it up as liquid (????) and they unpacked my bag to find my constipation remedy falsely fooled them.

Once I was through security,  I called my husband. All of a sudden,  I felt an extreme urge to poop. I quickly ended our call and rushed to the bathroom.  I was already in the stall when I let out what I thought would be gas…. Except it was (oh yes you guessed right) melted suppository. I just sharted my pants. Luckily, it was more melted glycerin than shit.

I knew there was a reason I packed extra undies and pants. I quickly changed my underwear and put on a pair of clean jeans.

I thought my goal for this trip would be to make it through the flight without puking afterwards,  but turns out I needed to be more worried about my other end! Oh the joys of pregnancy!!!

After vaginal progesterone suppositories, bum suppositories, fertility injections, diaherria, constipation and extreme morning sickness, nothing grosses me out anymore! I’m well prepared for baby! ūüôā


17 week bumpdate

How Far Along: 17 weeks and 5 days

Meds: All taken daily ‚Ästprenatal vitamin, Omega 3 + DHA, Vitamin D, Zofran (lowered to 1/day), Ranitidine (2x/day), Restorolax (aka Miralax)

Baby is the size of: navel orange or pomegranate

Best Moments This Week: 

  • Noticing my bump get bigger
  • Only puked 5 out of 7 days (and usuaully only 1x day)
  • Spending Mother’s Day with my fur-babies and my husband

My fur-babies on Mother’s Day evening

Total Weight Gain:¬†+6 lbs¬†‚Ästdidn’t weigh myself this week

Maternity Clothes: Ended up caving and bought 2 bras in a cup size bigger. I will use the extenders on the rest of my bras. Wearing maternity pants or maxi skirts consistently, but still mixing between regular tops and maternity.

Symptoms:¬†¬†Nausea has subsided since I‚Äôm on the Zofran + Ranitidine. Headaches have subsided too. I’ve been really making an effort to ensure I’m drinking enough water and not letting myself get hungry. I’ve had some round ligament pain this week. I also have some major muscle or tendon pain going down the back of my right hip. I slept funny last night and it’s especially bothering me today.

Sleep: Getting more used to my pillow fort. I still wake up 1-2x a night to pee.

Food Cravings:¬†Ice cold water, popsicles, ice cream, and¬†chicken (I puked my chicken up last night, so it’s¬†crossed off the list now)

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Brushing my teeth, bending over or getting up too fast, coughing

Movement: On and off. No real kicks yet!

Stretch Marks: Nothing new

Baby Bump: Took this photo last week. Still hoping my B rounds itself out more.


Gender Prediction: BOY!¬†17 days until we know for sure…

Labour Signs: Too early.

Belly Button In or Out?: Innie to start!

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: Up and down this week. Spent the afternoon with my husband yesterday which was lovely. Work has me a bit anxious as I’m leading a ton of workshops at our head office this week.

Purchases for baby:¬†Nothing this week, but we did receive this book as a gift. Thank you! ūüôā ‚̧

Miss Anything?: Not feeling like a blump when I bend over. Being able to sleep straight through the night.

Looking forward to: Our anatomy/gender scan on May 28 and making our official announcement!