And some things stay the same… 

I still frequently go to acupuncture. My acupuncturist is an amazing woman who has helped me on so many levels beyond just fertility. 

Today at my appointment, I told her that I’ve just been exhausted lately. I attributed it to staying up past midnight for a week straight, being the Mom of a one year old, running my own business, the change in seasons and you know, the full moon. 

She asked if there was a possibility I could be pregnant. 

I told her there was a chance –  isn’t there always when you aren’t using birth control? – but it was like a 0.01% chance.

 My gut said not pregnant. 


Curiosity always gets the best of me. 

I dug around in the bathroom cupboard and found an ultra sensitive pregnancy test. You know one of ones from my ectopic days that literally detect anything. It was even expired. 

I peed on it anyway. 

Do you get where this is going? 

I ain’t no magical unicorn. I’m just a regular (in)fertile woman who can’t resist the urge to POAS. 

I still don’t have my period one year postpartum due to breastfeeding. I clearly need to get to bed earlier and listen to my gut. 

Whomp. Whomp. Whomp. 

Hi single red line! I didn’t miss you, you little bitch. 

11 thoughts on “And some things stay the same… 

  1. Ugh the worst!!! I have been exhausted and emotional (very unlike me) the last few days. I told a friend a lunch today and she tried to convince me to take a test. I refuse telling her I have POAS more times than I can count and the heartache is too much. Hugs


  2. Hi,this is totally unrelated to the post ,but i just wanted to say hw much i relate to you . I had an ectopic before a successful 6th attempt at ivf got me my baby girl who is now 10 months old . I still remember when i was in the dr’s clinic going in for my 6 th attempt (with no hopes) i had read your post which mentioned you were around 2-3 months pregnant . And i had immediately closed the mail . It was too painful to know of anyone getting pregnant be it in any part of the world during those days . And i apologise for that 🙂 and so our babies are around 3 months apart and whenever i want to know wat my daughter wd be doing in the next fewmonths i check your posts.


    • Oh Deepti! Thank you for reaching out. I can completely relate. I know many other bloggers and friends who gave birth around the time we would have had our first baby as well. Those moments will always be in your mind. I am so happy to hear you were blessed with a baby girl. I hope she brings you are much joy as our son does for us. ❤


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