The allergy verdict

Yup, Wyatt has a moderate egg allergy. Our doctor said no eggs for another year until we retest. We can try baked goods, but need to be cautious in case he does react. We have to carry an epipen now. 

I officially feel like I want to put my kid in a bubble. I know most kids outgrow an egg allergy. I’m hopeful that will happen for Wyatt too. 

Our doc also mentioned that his red blood cell count is high. Immediately, I began asking questions. You see, my dad has a genetic blood disorder – polycythemia vera – which is essentially, elevated red blood cells. 

The doctor didn’t seem overly concerned. She said it could have been from the difficulty they had taking his blood or from the recent allergic reaction. She gave us a requisition to retest in 3 months.

I wanted to believe her, but I had to validate it. The second we got in the truck I googled,”elevated red blood cells babies”. And what do you think came up? Polycythemia. 


I had a hard time keeping it together. Tears rolled down my face as my mind raced to worst case scenario: he is diagnosed with the disorder. It progresses to leukemia like my Dad. I lose my child. 

My husband attempted to talk me down from the ledge of what if scenarios. 

I messaged a nurse friend who reassured me it was most likely due to the recent allergic reaction. 

The morale of this story is: The amount of love I have for my son – and how much of a journey it was to get him here –  makes the thought of losing him THAT much harder. 

My mother instinct is strong. All I want to do is protect and nuture him.  I don’t want him to suffer. And I’m terrified of what it may mean if 3 months from now those levels are still elevated. 

But for now, there’s nothing I can do but TRUST that it will be alright. 

Please, please let my biggest worry be the eggs! 

If anyone has any advice for dealing with an egg allergy, feel free to share! 😊 

13 thoughts on “The allergy verdict

  1. Oh no, this is so scary! Both the egg allergy and the possible blood disorder would have me petrified. Like you said, there isn’t much you can do right now but wait, have him retested, amd watch him like a hawk. Sending my love and hoping with everything that he does not have the blood disorder and that he outgrows the egg allergy.


  2. I really hear the fear. I don’t have a panacea for living with it or for egg allergies apart from “learn to love that icky egg replacer crap”, “watch carefully and have more than one epipen in case you leave it with the child care provider etc”. And there are now two dose pens for adults, not sure if those exist for wee ones?


      • Nope! Sorry momma but you have to keep those pens together! They give them to you in a 2 pack because epinephrine only lasts 15 minutes max. You could dose him with the epi and need another dose before first responders could arrive with epinephrine. If you want to keep one at day care and one in the diaper bag, use one of your refills or talk to your doctor to get another set of two. They definitely have to stay together! ❤️


  3. We had a few reactions with eggs (swelling face, red itchy rash) between 8 months and 13 months. My daughter didn’t have issues with baked goods though so it was easy to avoid just plain eggs. We tried again around 20 months and she had zero reaction. Now she happily eats scrambled eggs no problem. Hopefully he grows out of it by 2!


  4. Yikes. Sorry about the egg allergy, and about the blood disorder scare! Really hoping for you that it’s just because of the recent reaction and that things will look normal when he is retested. I also really hope that he does okay with baked goods that contain eggs, and that he outgrows that allergy!! Sending you lots of love and positive vibes!


  5. Oh friend, that is so so hard! As moms we have a tendency to get ahead of our selves, and oh, Dr. Google has sent me into so many tailspins about the horrible stuff that could potentially happen to my toddlers from eating a strawberry! A STRAWBERRY!!! That really stinks about his allergy. Hope that he grows out of it soon!


  6. I am guessing he will outgrow the allergy, the elevated levels will be gone and you will be a happy and reassured Mama really soon. What a total cutie Wyatt is!


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