You don’t need to be supermom

It’s about a week and a half since I broke my ankle. My radiology report said that I have a small displaced fracture in the joint between the talus and the cuboid. The doctor I saw at the cast clinic didn’t really give me any more info besides, “Boot her and we will see you in 3 weeks“.

I used crutches the first 4 days. Once my husband had to go back to work, I ditched the crutches, because, well… I have a 9 month old to take care of. I thought it was going ok. My initial reaction was that it hurt WAY LESS than my previous sprains.

That quickly changed.

I’ve had A LOT of nerve pain this week along with some numbness in my toes. The pain kinda feels like someone is holding fire on your foot and it shoots down over my toes. I saw my acupuncturist for a treatment and she said I could potentially need surgery if the displaced bone is affecting the nerves.


I spent one morning playing a lovely game of phone tag with a variety of health professionals. I had tried to call my ortho doctor (multiple times), but turns out he’s on vacation… until my 3 week follow up (which is another week away). I finally spoke with a cast technician and he told me to stay off of it until I am able to see the doctor.

Yup, I’m back on the crutches.

Since breaking my ankle, I’ve spent lots of time just “being” with Wyatt – playing on the floor, laying together, reading books, enjoying simple games and simple moments.

One of my good friends reminded me yesterday that, “You don’t need to be supermom“.

My son is only 9.5 months old. We will make memories while I heal. And healing is most important right now.



3 thoughts on “You don’t need to be supermom

  1. I actually love that your ankle is forcing you to slow down and just enjoy interacting with your son at his level. I think i could use this lesson as im just rushing around like a crazy person most days. Of course, I could go without the broken ankle to learn it. 😊 I hope you get better asap!!


  2. Sending healing thoughts. Slowing down is good and difficult to do. I know I often feel like I’ve ran around like a chicken with its head cut off at the end of many days. I hope you are enjoying this time, you will heal and be back to your usual self in no time.


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