9 month update

This month, Wyatt…

  • Has majorly found his voice. He screeches whenever he’s excited…  especially in places that are typically quiet – the bookstore, waiting rooms, etc. :/
  • Crawls faster and faster
  • Has (almost) 7 teeth – 3 top, 3 bottom with another 1 top attempting to poke through. The latest bottom tooth surprised me.
  • Had his first acupuncture appointment. Seriously, it was amazing! Wyatt reacted so well that we didn’t even realize it until after he latest tooth poked through. He was totally chilled out after his treatment.
  • Loves swimming and reading books!
  • Is learning to share when we have play dates
  • Had his first 2 hour experience at daycare while Mommy was at the dentist
  • Is still co-sleeping, breastfeeding and in cloth diapers.


This past month, Mommy…

  • Has been walking between 2-5km per day for the past 2 weeks. I’m loving this new habit. It’s given me energy, a tan and something to look forward to each day.
  • Got out of the house for 2 Paint Nites and a long overdue pedicure and lunch with her local IVF gals
  • Is focusing on being more present and really enjoying the one-on-one time with Wyatt as my maternity leave draws closer to the end.
  • Booked another trip back to Ontario to spend a few more days at the cottage and meet our new niece
  • Turned another year older

8 thoughts on “9 month update

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  2. Awwe! Wyatt is such an adorable guy, and has so many teeth! Have they been bothering him at all when they break through? I’m glad all is well with you too Lindsey! Oh- when are you visiting next?


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