The daycare solution

A few months ago, I wrote about my daycare dilemma. I had many options to ponder – part-time nanny, nanny share, home daycare, daycare centre – but I wasn’t sure which was the best for us.

After 3 home daycare interviews and a tour of the daycare centre that offered us a spot, I’m very happy to announce that we’ve chosen the daycare centre.

We made our decision back in June, just before we left to visit my family. We literally had 48 hours to decide after taking the tour.

Reasons we chose a daycare centre over home daycare

  • Reliability – open Mon-Fri 7am to 6pm except stat holidays
  • Flexibility – we can take our family vacation whenever we want, not based on someone else’s schedule
  • Regulated and Secure – Safety plans, log in/out sheets, communication books. I really like the process of how a daycare centre is run.
  • Experience – All staff have mandatory education levels, first aid courses, etc.
  • Kid-friendly building –  Built in 2011, it’s new and designed for kids in mind (little toilets and all!)
  • Fits our lifestyle – cloth diaper friendly, breast milk bottle friendly, flexible nap schedules. They are willing to work with us to make it work for Wyatt.
  • Long-term potential – Wyatt can stay in the centre until he reaches school-age, potentially longer depending which school he attends.

Downfalls to going with a daycare centre

  • Less personal – Wyatt will not always be taken care of by the same person, but that also means he’s adapting. On the flip side, I was worried about a day home being too personal. I mean if you have an issue with a single care provider, it becomes personal.
  • Busier atmosphere – even though Wyatt will be in the infant room, there is lots of activity going on in the centre. I found it overwhelming. I just hope my little man adjusts ok and isn’t too overstimulated. Wyatt is so curious and loves bigger kids. I’m sure this downfall will end up being a positive in the end.

The current situation

Now…here’s the biggest catch: We had to take the spot for July 1st. We are already paying for daycare even though Wyatt won’t be attending full-time until October.

This may sound crazy, but the odds of us getting another centre spot in our city before October 1st were slim to none. We figured the financial output is worth the long-term gain.

They also told me I am free to do drop-in care as I need it. Basically, we are paying for the spot and we are free to use it as we please. They are always staffed to accommodate him as if he is there full-time.  I’m going to drop him off Thursday morning for an hour while I have a dentist appointment.

I’m not going to deny it. The whole concept of dropping him at daycare is heartbreaking. I worry whenever he’s not with me or his Dad. Will they catch onto his queues? Will he be upset the whole time? 

The plan is to phase Wyatt in gradually until I return to work. The Daycare Director was awesome and very encouraging. She actually suggested the gradual transition. I plan to drop him off for appointments over July/August, and put him in 1-2 days a week in September building up to my full-time return to work.

As for my work situation, I can’t spill the beans just yet on what’s happening. I will when I am able to. I feel like the Universe has answered many of the requests I’ve put out there. Finding a daycare we are comfortable with was just the start.




8 thoughts on “The daycare solution

  1. I am so glad you’ve found a child care setting that you are comfortable with! I truly think the most important thing in finding child care is to trust your gut, and it sounds like you are doing just that (not that I’m surprised you are). And, I love the transition plan, I think when we eventually start looking into daycare I will need something similar to keep me sane.


  2. Sometimes I wish we had daycare instead of a nanny. I love our nanny, but I would love to be able to be a bit early in the morning sometimes, or a bit late in the afternoon without having to jump through hoops! Plus, daycare has all of the supplies for sensory stuff and crafts. With a nanny, if I want her to make a mess with paint, I have to buy everything.


  3. Sounds like a good solution and doing it gradually will help you both adjust. My sister is a daycare teacher and she gets to know the kids personally and genuinely cares about them. I will be looking at something similar for my baby once I have to return to work.


  4. This is awesome!! I just got my kiddo into a centre after a year in a home daycare (Winnipeg) and the centre is so much better for all of us. My DCP was a bit nutty and we were always marching to the beat of her drum. In the year we were with her she never did work a full month. There was always a day off here or there for various reasons (like, to do her taxes? Umm, ok!) Some home daycares are great but ours wasn’t. The centre though has been fabulous for my baby and I like it much better for me too! Ha ha.

    So glad to hear you have it sorted. Daycare was the biggest stressor for the last half of my leave! 😊


  5. You were very lucky to find such an awesome daycare center. I know many daycare centers around my location don’t allow this type of situation which just floors me because as long as the parent is paying who cares when they come and go. I currently run a home daycare and my hours are from 4am to 6pm. I try to be flexible and work with my parents as much as I can. Good luck on your adventure and I hope it works out very well for you.


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