7 month update

I have a 7 month old!!!! Seriously, where has the time gone?

 This month, Wyatt…

  • Is STILL in the majorly distracted phase
  • Is still co-sleeping, breastfeeding and 100% in cloth diapers
  • Can get up on all fours and do a rocking motion. He army crawls and worm wiggles all over the floor.
  • Can sit on his own and even pull himself up to standing (with the use of a sturdy object like Mom or the furniture)
  • Started babyled weaning
  • has one tooth! 1/4 of his bottom right tooth is poking through and the left doesn’t seem far behind.
  • Found his voice – from screeches to ohhs and ahhs, some days it seems like he’s constantly jabbering away.
  • Decided he HATES being in his car seat
  • Discovered his love for Elmo from Sesame Street
  • Started napping (a bit) more consistently and going to bed earlier, sometimes without the boob even!


This past month, Mommy…

  • Discovered that walking is very therapeutic for both of us. We aim for at least one 30 minute walk a day
  • Took a pole walking while babywearing class
  • Took a woven wrapping babywearing class and bought another rainbow wrap for my rainbow baby
  • Started playing fastball again which means 2 evenings/week away from home
  • Set the intention to remain on maternity leave for the summer, then decide where I’m headed career-wise
  • and Daddy tackled their first major post-baby project – repainting our massive deck! We got rained out, but Wyatt cooperated very well while we painted.




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