A checkpoint

I’m finding this month to be reflective.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m halfway through the first year of my son’s life?

Maybe it’s the crazy lunar cycles we’ve been experiencing?

Maybe it’s the chakra balancing and reiki I’ve been doing?

Maybe it’s just time…

Almost 3 years ago, I started writing about our journey through infertility and pregnancy loss. It’s been a combination of fact, emotion, intuition, medical intervention and miracle.

There’s no need to apologize.

There’s no need to feel guilty.

There’s no need to feel like I have to justify what I’ve said or done along the way.

It’s my truth.

It’s my story.

I’ve come a long way from the woman who typed her first blog post and hit submit.

I’ve cut ties to my past. I’ve healed aching wounds.

I’ve released those who no longer serve my greater good. I’ve tightened my circle.

I’ve set boundaries and defined my needs.

I’ve learned that I am capable, strong, intuitive, gentle, fierce, motherly, compassionate, passionate, sensitive, caring, … the list could go on.

But most of all, I’ve learned that I am LOVED.

Tonight I was feeling insecure. I questioned myself, my decisions, my steps along the way.

I know better.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout it all is to listen to my gut. I know what is right and what is wrong for me. When I listen to this knowing, I experience peace and joy. When I ignore it, I experience anxiety and despair.

It’s a very clear picture; a very simple process.

There’s no need to fret dear one. You are YOU. And that’s a beautiful thing. ❤

Next time you are feeling like I was, I encourage you to ask yourself how you can change these feelings? Does what is causing them REALLY matter? What will make them go away?

Listen to yourself. You’ve got all the answers you need inside.


2 thoughts on “A checkpoint

  1. Yes, my friend you are loved! There is no need for apologies and most definitely no need for guilt. Like you, my experience of having our son has drastically changed my life – many relationships in my are completely different and my outlook and appreciation for life is a lot more special. And new friendships like yours have developed. So, thank you for reminding me today that while so much of this journey has been hard, some of it has been great!


  2. You are so loved! I have loved getting to know you over these past three years, and I’m so thankful you’re in my life. I sympathized/empathized with a lot of your posts back then, and I feel the same now that we’re both mothers together. I’m glad you were able to remember you are loved…because you so are!


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