Motherhood: a shift in priorities and expectations

My biggest challenge with motherhood has been adjusting to a slower pace of life. I used to be a go-getter. I love organizing. I love a clean home. I love planning projects and following through with them.

Being a Mom means everything takes THAT MUCH longer.

Today it is an amazing 19 degrees Celsius on the Canadian Prairies. I grabbed the little man and headed into the backyard to enjoy the sun.

When I looked around, I saw…

Leaves to be raked. Piles of branches to be rid of. Gardens that never got weeded before Wyatt came last Fall. A shed messily full of patio furniture which means I can’t even get my gardening gloves out. A deck that needs to be repainted in a last ditch attempt to make it last a few more years. A fence that needs repairs so our genius chihuahua Bella will stop escaping.

*cue the anxiety*

When will all of this get done?

My husband is not a go-getter. It take persistent nagging to get him to do major household tasks.

So, I took a deep breath and made a to-do list. I numbered it in order of priority.

And then I reminded myself that right now my son doesn’t know any different. The leaves don’t matter to him. He won’t notice the chipping pain. All that matters is exploring, learning and enjoying his days.

For now, I can ignore the disaster. We waited years for Wyatt to join us. He deserves my time and attention. His needs are the priority and the yard work will get done… eventually.



14 thoughts on “Motherhood: a shift in priorities and expectations

  1. Oh this. So much this. I’m the one who sees all the things that need to get done and after 12 years I’ve totally burnt out on the persistent nagging, so I just do most of it, particularly outside. Last year, nothing happened. Our neighbors felt so bad for us that several times they just, without comment, mowed our front yard for us. I came home one day and cried when I saw it was mowed. But I did what you’re doing. I put everything aside that I possibly could. And now? This year I have spent more time outside in the yard work/playing with Darwin, who adores her water table and digging in the dirt, and “helping” weed, and raking up the grass, and it’s so much fun. I wish I could have had a peek into this year when I was despairing last year, so I hope this helps you feel even happier with your priorities this year. ❤


  2. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THIS! I have to learn to stop trying to do so much all the time. By the time Sunday night rolled around my husband looked at me and said I need another weekend, this was just too busy. We had friends over for dinner Friday, a dinner out on Saturday (our first one without baby), and visits with 2 different friends on Sunday. Oh and a few Nanny interviews in there too. My lesson of this weekend is that I simply cannot do as much as I used it! And you know what, I also really don’t want to! I want quiet time at home to play with our little guy, just the two of us. My priorities are clearly starting to shift. 🙂


      • We got it as a baby gift. Just started using it this week. I was surprised that Wyatt just seems to fit into it now and it’s on the lowest setting (unless I’m a moron and am missing an adjustment setting). He’s approx 28 inches tall. As you can see in the photo, the top part isn’t really flat and kinda slopes towards him at this point. That being said, it’s super portable and lightweight. If you think you may be camping or want something for the deck, I’d recommend it. Just check and see if Baby MPB will be big enough this season. I know MLACS said she used to use hers indoors as well. The portability is probably the best selling feature. It’s much easier to transport than an exersaucer. We hope to bring it to Ontario with us.

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    • I’ve become such a homebody. I mean I enjoy getting out and going for walks and stuff, but the social life isn’t as necessary. Spring time has always been home project time though. I’m itching to get something done this year. I may just need to bite off a smaller chunk.

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  3. I have to remind myself to slow down nearly hourly! It’s very hard when you’re used to being on the go. I never realized how busy I was until I became a mom! You have the right attitude though. 🙂


  4. Those little guys really do force you to slow down! I may not be that organized but I am a go getter and have a to do list of things that are on the brain needing to get done! And then there is this task that use to take you 30 seconds and now takes 2 minutes as they insist on wanting to do it themselves. I use to paint and do art in general to practice patience and find my zen… now I just have two toddlers! Still working on the zen:)


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