A never-ending battle


Today, I’m struggling with infertility.

I am looking at my son who is so contently playing in his exersaucer. I know he can sense when Momma is upset. He is my miracle. He is my greatest blessing.

But, he can’t take away the emotions.

Last week, a friend lost her first baby off her first IVF cycle. It was the only embryo to make it, but it only made it so far. ❤

Yesterday, another friend told me she just experienced another loss. It’s her second pregnancy and her second loss since 2016 began. ❤

Today, another friend found out her 3rd baby has also become an Angel. It was her 3rd pregnancy, the one we thought was THE ONE. This pregnancy was the farthest she has ever gotten. ❤

My God. Why is it so hard?

Each time, my heart just breaks.




With each blink of your eyes – whether there’s tears streaming from them or not – you are surviving. And some days, surviving is all you can do.


What does beating infertility mean to you? Read this post about Beating Infertility from my friend Sondra at a Calm Persistence. 




10 thoughts on “A never-ending battle

  1. It’s so true. A friend found out today her first round of IVF didn’t work and they have no frozens. Even as I sit here and rock my miracle baby to sleep I think about infertility so often and all my friends who still struggle b


  2. Gosh I’m so sorry to hear about all of the pain your friends have experienced recently. You’re right, it’s not fair, and I can’t for the life of me understand it one bit. I just don’t get it, and my heart breaks too.


  3. I feel so much sadness for your friends and for each of us that have angel babies in heaven watching over us. It’s not fair, and I know that nothing heals these kinds of wounds. Sending love to you and heart-mending thoughts to you and your friends.


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