The one thing that has gone right

I recently realized that breastfeeding is the only part of having a child that I have easily mastered.

Trying to conceive naturally = epic disaster requiring serious medical intervention (IVF + ISCI)

Birth experience = 100% deviation from my desired plan  (Induction, Epidural, Episiotomy, Forecep Delivery)

Breastfeeding = NAILED IT! Whohoo!

I attribute my success to:

  1. My milk monster who came out of the womb already pursing his lips ready to suckle
  2. The lactation cookies my friend brought me which helped my supply and also provided a major source of nutrition during those first weeks with my newborn
  3. A balanced hormonal system due to supplements and acupuncture
  4. Pure luck 🙂

I always hoped to breastfeed, but I was open to whatever had to happen. Breastfeeding came naturally. It wasn’t forced. It didn’t bring me any stress or cause for concern. Maybe that’s why it worked out? I had a clear picture of how I hoped it would go, but I didn’t put any pressure on myself in case I couldn’t achieve that goal. Hmm… this is a very intriguing mind-body connection.

Either way, I am very grateful to have been able to exclusively breastfeed my son. I love our breastfeeding sessions (even now when he’s in the highly distracted phase). ❤

What part of your journey has surprisingly come easy to you? 







8 thoughts on “The one thing that has gone right

  1. Like you I needed IVF/ICSI and PGS on top of that. But I am a “lactation failure” as they say, actually I have/had awesome supply and am still pumping a couple of times a day now but he just never latched. Oh well, I shed too many tears over this and I really do blame the social pressures to breastfeed for nearly sending me into full-blown depression. I now loathe lactivists, they just don’t get what it’s like if you fail in their eyes. What went right? The birth/delivery, apart from some trouble with the spinal, was just a dream. Crazy fast recovery, I felt like I didn’t even have surgery. Lost all my weight in a week.


    • See my delivery was a disaster in my eyes! Recovery was long and hard. We all do get our breaks somewhere along the line. I’m sorry breastfeeding was so tough for you. I honestly have mad respect for pumping Mommas. It’s extra effort but shows how much it means to you.


  2. Pregnancy itself was wonderful for me. I was so happy and had such an overall sense of peacefulness with my body. After my milk finally came in, breastfeeding has been another really wonderful experience too. We are so lucky to have good breastfeeding experiences- I feel like it’s been such a wonderful way to bond with Dumplin’.


  3. I think it helps too, having a baby around term. It did for me & K, though balanced hormones from Acu & supplements could have also helped. She’s a boob monster! Congrats on being able to achieve and keep the flow alive – it doesn’t come easy for many of us!


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