Mommy challenge: being sick

I’ve officially endured the hardest challenge as a mother so far: being sick with your baby.

A week ago Sunday, I came down with a cold. It escalated and by Thursday I had full on fuzzy brain, runny nose and sinus pressure. I was so grateful that my little man is such a good baby. Although he wouldn’t nap when Momma wanted to, he was content to play while I laid on the floor beside him. By the weekend, I was feeling better.


Then, I woke up Monday with post nasal and a sore throat. I spiked a fever and it’s been up and down for the past 24 hours. I haven’t felt this shitty since I legit had H1N1 in 2009. An achy body, headache, post nasal drip, sore throat and the fever means I’ve got a definite case of the flu. I tossed and turned all night alternating between shivering and sweating. When I got up to change Wyatt this morning, I almost passed out.

My MIL came over for 2.5 hours this morning and my husband came home after lunch. My little boy is still so happy and so far showing no signs of getting sick. I’ve continued breastfeeding and have drastically upped my fluid intake to ensure my supply doesn’t dwindle (It actually did last Thursday, but was back up to normal by the weekend and Wyatt wasn’t fussing at all).

Tomorrow, Wyatt has turns 4 months and gets his 2nd round of immunizations. A public health nurse gives the shots in our province. I tried to reschdule, but they told me it would be 2 months before he could get it. For real!?!? So, I’m going to tough it out and take him (although I’m shocked public health would basically tell me to come after I said I had a flu).

He also rolled from his front to his back today! Another first for my constantly curious and growing so strong little boy.

Please send me some healing vibes. My brother arrives on Friday with his family for a visit and I need to be healthy for them and for my own son.





18 thoughts on “Mommy challenge: being sick

  1. Being sick sucks. Being sick with a baby at home is a totally new level of sucks. I hope you get well soon, and good luck to Wyatt on the vaccinations. These ones hurt Dumplin a lot more than the last round. I’m not sure if it’s just that he’s more aware now, but the pediatrician warned me that these ones would be worse too.


  2. Oh no!!! I really hope you’re feeling better very soon!! Good to hear that Wyatt isn’t catching it though! At least you have people that can help you out. Sending you healthy healing vibes!!


  3. Sorry to hear you’ve been so sick!! I bet that is nearly impossible with a little one, so sorry you’ve been dealing with that! Glad to hear you’ve had some help. Hopefully you’ll get better soon….good luck to Wyatt with his next round of shots! Scarlett had her one month appointment today and at the end they scheduled her first round of shots for her 2 month visit, this mama is already scared!!


  4. Hi there, I’ve been out of the blogging loop for a few months but wanted to tell you congrats on your sweet Wyatt! I’ve followed your journey and I’m so happy for you!


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