A full heart and a weekend of firsts

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a few shots from a Valentine’s themed mini photoshoot we had done last week.

My husband surprised me this year.

Gift #1: A small Angel that says, “Bless you May girl… today and all year long!”. It is so touching to know he has our Angel Emme Mae on his mind and in his heart. ❤


Gift #2: A rainbow necklace. He said the saleswoman thought he was crazy when he walked into the jewellery store and asked for a rainbow necklace, but they found this one. It’s perfect.


We took Wyatt to our local leisure centre for his first public swim. Let me preface this by saying: I HATE public pools. This one was super busy too. I toughed it out though. Wyatt was super content. He loved floating in the water. We decided that next time we will pay extra to try the YMCA if it’s less busy.


I also assembled our high chair tonight. My brother, his wife and my nephew are coming to visit in 2 weeks. I figured my nephew who’s almost 2 can use the high chair or the booster seat that came with it, but it turns out Wyatt also fits nicely in it with the infant insert.



Wyatt rolled over all on his own! It was a very slow motion roll over, but a success nonetheless!  He just did it for a second time much faster than the first. Where did my baby go??? He’s only 3.5 months old.






15 thoughts on “A full heart and a weekend of firsts

  1. He is so cute, love his eyes. 🙂

    We are starting Water Babies this weekend. Not sure if you guys have it over there, but it’s really the best course you can take with a baby. They keep the water in their pool at 30-32 degrees so the babies don’t even need wet suits.


  2. Love the Valentine’s Day pics! Nice gifts, I love how thoughtful they were….he’s so great! I can’t believe he’s already rolling over, he’s so advanced!


  3. Absolutely love the necklace! Your man is so sweet! We just rolled over here as well at 3.5 months and started sitting in the high chair! Love that she can sit with us at dinner time now! Love the pictures! your little man is so cute!


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