Post partum recovery: 15 weeks later

My post partum body is slowly getting back to normal (?). I question this as I don’t even know what normal is anymore after fertility treatments, laparoscopy surgery and deliverying a 9lb baby. 

My back is FUCKED from breastfeeding/carrying baby/sleeping. I never had lower back issues until I got pregnant. Some days it causes me just as much grief as my upper back/shoulders. I try to get to the chiro and go for a massage once or twice a month if possible. Mommy Baby yoga has been helping everything stretch and fall back into place though. I’m also hoping to begin my at home yoga practise again too.

Two weeks ago, I went to a physio appointment to get my pelvic floor checked. As you may recall, I went regularly during pregnancy as my constant puking led to constant peeing. In the third trimester, we had things working well and I was no long peeing myself each time I heaved. In retrospect, I think we may have overtightened my muscles down there as Wyatt’s head wouldn’t come out during delivery.

Now, I’ve got quite a bit of tension in my perineum and my scar tissue from my episiotomy/tear is hard and tight. My super awesome physiotherapist moved to another city just before I had Wyatt. Her replacement is a nice gal, but she is much more docile. I’m more of a “let’s cut to the chase and get this over with” kind of patient. After a very quick check, she suggested I try some self-massage at home. Now, let me just say pelvic floor massage is ANYTHING but sexual or comfortable. On top of that, when the hell is a new Mom supposed to find time to engage in an intimate procedure such as massaging her vaginal walls while focusing on breathing and releasing her pelvic floor tension? Well… I guess if I wasn’t blogging right now I could be doing it! haha 

I tried the other night in the bath, but 5 minutes later, Mike was standing outside the bathroom door with a fussy baby. 😐

I wasn’t surprised when my pelvic floor was tight. I’ve noticed lots of tension in my neck/jaw lately and they say the two are connected. I’m hoping now that Wyatt is bigger, I can find some more comfortable nursing positions and use my yoga/stretching to keep my neck/shoulders/back in alignment.

The most noticeable changes in my body have been wider hips, a more jiggly belly, my tiger stripes and dry hair. The hair has thrown me. I use to have more oily hair, but now it’s like I could go a week without a wash. I also had the most perfect skin when I was pregnant, but I’ve had a few hormonal breakouts over the past month. My acupuncturist says this is all normal and it’s almost like my body is detoxing. I guess my “food bags” (that one was for you Sharla! haha) are also saggier, but it’s hard to compare when they are filled with milk.

I don’t mind my post partum body though. I kinda like the softness and subtleness of it all. I’m happy to be a Mom even with all the aches and pains…. except for maybe the hemmorhoids. They could F-off any time now.

I’m still maintaining my post partum weight of about 10-15 lbs down from where I was pre-pregnancy. My weight is seriously the last thing on my mind these days. I’d rather eat when I’m hungry and ensure I have enough nourishment for myself and my baby. He doesn’t care if my ass jiggles and I sometimes think he prefers my pudginess as it gives him a warm, soft place to snuggle into. ❤





7 thoughts on “Post partum recovery: 15 weeks later

  1. Is it bad that I laughed at times reading this? ☺ in all seriousness, I hope you continue to heal and love your body. Your body has been through so incredibly much and I think it is so important to care for yourself, so good for you! ☺


  2. I laughed as well! The first sentence about your back had me laughing — it’s so true. Things change all over the place after a pregnancy! Don’t plan on the hemorrhoids going away anytime soon ….. sad but true. 😦


  3. Haha, I laughed as well. I also still have hemorrhoids, well one, which I feel like will never go away. My hair is also dry (and like yours was on the oily side) and my skin is suuuuper dry. I don’t know how much of that is winter, though. My lower back is totally fucked, this is the thing that bothers me the most on a daily basis. I’ve lost all my weight and then another 7-10 lbs on top of that but I can’t stand the jiggle around the middle. It really, really bothers me so I will go back on a diabetic/low carb diet just as soon as I wean Henry. I think I’d have trouble staying on such a highly regulated diet while I’m still pumping. I had a > 9 lb baby via c-section and my scar is really bugging me on the right side. This is the second cut in the same place as I previously had a laparotomy so I don’t know how much of it is existing scar tissue. I was also given extensive massage exercises by my physio…while I lie flat on my back and relax. Not sure when that magical time would be so I’ve done them very sporadically, probably to my own detriment.


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