Taking some time for me

After my meltdown last weekend, I actually had a good week. I decided to just go with the flow and not have any big expectations of myself. I focused on smaller tasks rather than taking on anything huge (meaning: laundry was an accomplishment). Wyatt and I even managed to sneak in a few walks in our neighbourhood since we had some way above seasonally average days (+3 degrees Celsius ).

Things are better with Mike. I keep focusing on how communication is key even more so now that we have a child. I have to laugh at today though. Mike was solo parenting for 3 hours this morning and 1 hour this afternoon. When I returned home between outings, he told me, “You better be nice to me. I changed like 35+ diapers and played with him constantly between naps. He did sleep for most of the time you were gone though“.

Right… You mean you did exactly what I do every day of the week… except you probably had it easier because it sounds like Wyat napped like a champ today. 🙂

I am enjoying my moments of Mommy freedom. Since the first night I left him with Mike and a bottle, I’ve escaped a few more times to get my hair cut/coloured, attend a fertility yoga class, participate in a Chakradance session, get a massage, and go to our local infertility support group meet up. Even if it’s just an hour or two every couple of days, its allowing me to feel more grounded and return to myself.

I don’t regret waiting til 3 months to offer a bottle. We still have a strong breastfeeding connection, but I do appreciate the fact that he will take it if I’m gone. I also learned that I am a supreme pumper. Each time I’ve pumped, I’ve been able to get between 5-7oz. I split it into 1-2oz bottles/bags. Wyatt won’t take much from a bottle right now. The most he’s drank in one sitting is 2 oz. We’ve had to toss some milk due to this, so I’m really trying to freeze as much as I can and only leave 1-2 oz fresh in the fridge. Mike can thaw more if he needs it.

What breast milk freezer bags do you prefer? I’ve been using the Medela ones, but I’m almost out. I’m open to trying a different brand if anyone has a recommendation.

I’m only comfortable with Mike or myself feeding Wyatt right now. I really want Mike to be able to develop that bottle bond with him before we introduce anyone else to the mix. I have left Wyatt with a close friend and my mother-in-law for about 1-2 hours at a time. My mother-in-law seems more comfortable with him as he gets bigger. I’m still processing some of my own emotions about my relationship with her. Small doses are better for me for now.

Overall, I’m glad I decided to try the bottle as I do think it was time for some “me” time. I always stress the importance of self care during fertility treatments, but I think it’s just as important once you become a Mommy. Healthy, happy Mommy = healthy, happy baby 🙂

It seems every time I get caught up reading the blogs, you all go crazy and write like 1 post a day for 3 days straight. I am looking forward to catching up during Wyatt’s nap time over the next few days.


15 thoughts on “Taking some time for me

  1. I am so relieved to hear that you are taking some time for you!! And that you are trying to work on communication with your man, seriously it’s hard enough without a child just to communicate through infertility, so clearly it is going to be so much harder with a baby in the mix!! Sending lots of love and hoping you have an amazing week. ☺


  2. We have used several freezer bag options and they are all pretty much the same. Right now we are using target brand because they were cheapest, and they work great. If anything I like the medela ones the least because they really only hold about 6 oz comfortably… The target bags I fill with about 10 oz. (even though they are also marked up to 6). I EP though and freezing is a huge thing for us, our deep freeze is already getting tight as I’ve accumulated probably at least 500-600 oz. I haven’t really counted lately.


  3. I hope things continue improving.

    I meant to add to my last comment: Man brain is real. And not pretty. One day this past week the LP asked “why does MT always do THAT?” I responded with wisdom: Because he has a Y chromosome.


  4. Sorry meant to add that I like the Kinde bags. Got them on Amazon and once at babies r expensive. You can get adapters to fit your pump if need be. If you want I can send you some. I’m not pumping anymore as it was hopeless.


  5. Glad you had a better week! My husband always wants head pats for childcare as well. Hard not to roll my eyes!!

    We used Target brand bags and they were my favourite! I miss Target so much. 😦 after target left I switched to babies r us brand bags and I liked them. I like the shape. They fit nicer in the freezer.


  6. Wow! You are a pumping champ! I only get about 2-3 oz from a fully engorged boob. I hate pumping with a passion, but know that for versatility, I really should get him on a bottle once in a while. The ladies at the gym daycare keep asking me to provide a bottle of milk for him so that they don’t have to interrupt my workout to get me to bfeed him lol. I don’t mind bfeeding him though, even if he’s manipulating the situation a bit to get some comfort from mama. I’m amazed that Wyatt will take a bottle after 3 months of no bottle! We bottle fed pumped bmilk a few times early on, but we tried again last week and Dumplin’ wouldn’t take it! Stubborn!

    Anyways, I’m glad you’re doing well and are getting out to different things that fulfill you. DW is the same way as Mike after “babysitting” Dumplin’ for periods of time (like when I was playing in that hockey tournament)…. They don’t quite realize how busy our days are, caring for our babies.


  7. Target has been my favorite brand for breastmilk storage. I tried Kindee as well as they were excellent but much more expensive. So glad you are doing “me time”. It’s SOO important! We love our babies- but need time to ourselves to be great mommies and wives!


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