Who’s so big?

Tomorrow Wyatt turns 3 months old… Well actually today as it’s past midnight. As usual, I’m writing this in the dark on my cell phone while my boys sleep beside me.

We’ve made huge strides these past few weeks. I feel like I know my son better and better each day. Then, he surprises me with a new milestone and I’m shocked at how fast he learns and changes each day.


We started Mommy and Baby yoga two weeks ago. Our first afternoon class coincided with nap time. Although it wasn’t an epic fail, it did mean a few minor meltdowns. This week we switched to the morning class and Wyatt was happy the entire time. I successfully managed to do a few poses and stretches with him glued to my boob. It’s funny what you consider a major success as a Mother.

In this week’s yoga class, we practised pulling the babies up to a sitting position and proclaiming, ”Who’s so big!?!?”. Well, my little man must enjoy the encouragement because that evening upon receiving my hands he pulled himself up. He’s consistently done it each time I offer my hands to him since then. Yeah, he’s so big now.

Today,  we ventured out to a local babywearing group meet up. I am very happy that my friend encouraged me to attend. It’s really nice to meet other Moms. We visited our local museum which I had never been to. I carried Wyatt in my brand new Girasol ring sling – a rainbow sling for a rainbow baby. I just received it this week. So far, it works well. The museum visit was our longest stretch in the ring sling and even he fell asleep in it.


This week,  we also used the Ergo for a winter walk. I didn’t think my stroller would make it after a snowfall with unshovelled sidewalks. Wyatt was so calm, yet curious of everything to see in the neighbourhood. I enjoyed some time outside since the weather was closer to 0 degrees and sunny. I never saw myself as a babywearing Momma, but so far, I’m loving it. The closeness is what makes it so special.


We reached another major milestone tonight. I left Wyatt for 4 hours at home with his Dad to attend my monthly Splurge group. To date,  he’s always attended with me. Mike successfully gave him 2 pumped bottles with a bit of resistance. He takes it, but with a bit of a fight to get him started. What are your thoughts? Should we continue with the Calma nipple until he gets used to it? Or try another kind?

I did better than I thought I would with leaving him. I texted Mike a few times to check in, but I wasn’t really worried. This actually surprised me, but I guess it shows that I trust my husband as a capable father.

I arrived home to find both of them asleep. I pumped my right boob to make up for the bottle feed and managed to get 4oz in about 10 mins. I hate pumping, but I usually can pump a decent amount. I still hope to primarily breastfeed, but it’s nice to know that pumping for the occasional night out is an option.

Once Wyatt realized I was home, he had a cry and a big feed, then easily went back to sleep.

My favourite moments over the past few weeks have simply been interacting with him. He truly is such a happy baby. He loves to babble on and on. He constantly smiles back at you. He even started baby talking when I’m singing to him –  makes me think he wants to sing too! 🙂 Breastfeeding has given us a strong bond. I often find myself putting my phone down or turning the tv off just  to be in the moment with him –  our eyes locked and holding hands. There’s so much peace and joy to be found in those moments.


14 thoughts on “Who’s so big?

  1. He is so big! As far as bottles, they say to find a nipple that closely matches yours. So that’s what we did. I honestly feel like you should be able to buy a sample pack if bottles and pacifiers BC every baby has different preferences. Even if you find a nipple shaped correctly, within a brand they may have that same nipple made of different materials. I’ve heard people have success with softer nipples, I forget the materials, but it is closer to the the firmness of a breast.

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  2. Living in the city and only taking public transit or my feet (aside from if DW is home with the vehicle) meant from day 1 with dd1 I’ve been a baby wearing mom – and I LOVE it! I still wear dd1 on longer walking days, even though she is around 40 lbs. For me with bigger toddlers, the carrier means less shoulder strain than a typical shoulder or piggyback ride. Strollers are just inconvenient if I’m using the subway system (or packed buses), so I’m often wearing.


      • I’ve never used a sling, since I had the moby wrap, but I hated using it… Too fickle to get the right tension. I prefer one that clips on and is quick to get in /out. Since it’s cold out, I like the ergo because it kinda cocoons them in there so I don’t need to put a snowsuit on her necessarily (I have her & the carrier always inside my coat). One big plus with public transit is that the clip ones are much quicker to nurse with. Yesterday we had our first nursing adventure on the bus – keeping a latch is very challenging on a bumpy winter bus ride! (I like the ergo performance & my Tula)


  3. Looks like a happy fella there! I say keep trying whatever til you get one that works. Much to my chagrin and after too much money spent in search of what I thought would work, my two favoured the cheapest playtex nipples you could find.


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