Hear my story on the Beat Infertility Podcast

The Beat Infertility Podcast is hosted by Heather Huhman, a fellow infertility warrior. Each episode features a success story and an update from a woman who is currently undergoing treatment.

Back in December, I met with Heather to share my own success story. It aired on today’s episode. Listen to it here.





5 thoughts on “Hear my story on the Beat Infertility Podcast

  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing. The podcast name is interesting, it’s actually one thing I discussed in some detail with my fertility psychologist (who was the psychologist in residence at one of the very first IVFs in Canada so she’s been around for a very long time). She had recommended the book “Conquering Infertility” to me and said the only thing she’d change about it is the name because you never conquer or beat infertility. The truth is, those of us who are infertile will always be infertile, the fact we may have successfully had children is sort of akin to a person with cancer being in remission. This conversation really stuck with me because it is so true. I think a lot of us think we’ll “beat” this when we get a BFP or hear the heartbeat or have a live birth…but I’ve yet to find one woman who really felt like she beat anything in the end. And that is also an ongoing cause of anxiety for many of us (or at least those who would like to have more kids).


  2. Listened today!! Loved it! I have been following you for a long time but I still loved hearing you explain it all. I have talked to Heather and will do one after baby girl is born. Thanks for sharing I know it will help encourage tons of women.


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